Ah hah!!

So yesterday I finally figured out why Amber has been so cranky and not sleeping well lately-she’s cutting her first tooth!! I found the little stub on her bottom gums yesterday and the poor gums themselves are all red and swollen..poor baby–no wonder she’s been such a grump!! Hopefully now that we know what’s wrong we can try to make her comfortable!!

Here are the pics of her rolling over the first time 🙂 Yepp she was naked-it was right before bath time. Her favorite part of the day is being naked before her bath, lol. She gets all wiggly and happy about it which probably explains why she rolled over for the first time then 😉 Yesterday she rolled over a couple more times…every time she does she gets all excited and proud of herself 🙂


This is the nastiest, scariest, meanest looking spider I have ever seen in my whole life!!! I saw it while I was chasing after a lizard right on our front porch!!! Those things in front of it’s face are it’s FANGS!!!! Good heavens…….there are certainly some things about North Carolina that I will not miss!!!! Here’s another pic so you can get an idea of how huge it is!!!

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