Make Up for a Night Out ( at a fraction of the normal price! )

 It’s no secret–I’m crazy about all things Beauty related! But even as much as I love makeup–when I go to the store and see ALL the products to choose from it can definitely be overwhelming–even for me!

This past week was Spring Break for hubby and his Mom encouraged us to take advantage of his time off and to go have a fun date day & night. Since we just sold my car, and got our income tax back, we decided to take her up on her offer to babysit the kiddos and make a day of it!

CoverGirl, Walmart Beauty
ALL these options can be intimidating-even for a makeup savvy gal like me!

Of course a fun date night means I need a great look; but of course we’re also operating on a back to college budget so that doesn’t leave a lot of room for makeup and skin care products. When I heard that there was going to be an Expert Beauty Consultant at Walmart I got excited! Finally I can shop for the inexpensive products I already use and love with the added bonus of getting a Walmart Beauty Consultant’s second opinion and getting to try out samples first!

I had no trouble finding the Beauty Consultant–she was hanging out in the CoverGirl aisle in Walmart.  As excited as I was I was also a little apprehensive. I once did a consultation at a department store-you know–all those makeup counters with the gals behind them pushing products and waving perfume samples? While it wasn’t a bad experience it wasn’t a very good one either. I felt like the gal was pushing her highest priced products on me and she didn’t match my vibe and kept suggesting products that I would have never selected for myself and that I couldn’t use for myself. I walked away with one overly priced mascara that I didn’t end up liking that well–and never went back.

Olay, Expert Beauty Consultant, Walmart Beauty, Walmart Beauty Consultant
My Beauty Consultant got right to work picking out perfect products for me!

So how was my experience with this beauty consultant? I was *completely* different–in all the right ways! I was so very impressed with my gal–I walked up to her and said, “I completely love makeup and I’m looking for a fun, flirty date night look–what do you think?”

Her eyes lit up and you could see the wheels start turning in her head. After asking a few questions like what my normal makeup routine was, what products I normally use, and what my date night outfit looked like she went right to work. I let her know that I already use and love CoverGirl Foundation, Eyeshadow, and Blaststicks and pointed out which products I already own.

Olay, CoverGirl, Make-Up, Walmart Beauty, Date Night
Looks like I should have gotten a cart–I was loaded with great new products!

While we chatted and shopped she had me try samples of the different products before deciding on them, and gave me some great tips! She let me know that has some great makeup tutorials from how to do a smokey eye to eyeliner tips.

She also reminded me that as fun as makeup is having great skin is the base to build upon! Along these lines she brought me over and showed me the new Olay Fresh Effects line.  She told me that after 27 is when our skin starts to gradually wear thin and it’s all up to genetics if it will stay looking great or not-so it’s good to get on top of that! I loved how Olay has this “in between” step for skin–I hate it when companies try to push off high priced anti-aging products on me when my skin looks great right now. What she said made perfect sense, however, and I was excited to try out the Shine, Shine Go Away Cleanser that’s created for women like me with a sometimes oily T-zone.

For a moisturizer she recommended that I try using a Night Cream and she mentioned that if I just use a damp cloth on my face in the morning it re-activates it and I can use it for all day that way. I expressed my concerns about it breaking me out and she said I just need to use less of it–a little goes a long way especially with skin like mine-this was a great tip, I’ve tried different kinds before but probably glooped way too much on!

The experience was SO much fun and I was so impressed with it! I loved how she really listened to my answers, and then drew upon what she could see from the makeup I had on and the clothes I was wearing to pair me with products and colors that truly felt like “me”. To get the entire scoop on my experience be sure to check it out here!

Here are the products I ended up with! I love that they are all things that I felt totally comfortable with and excited about buying–but honestly if she hadn’t been there I don’t know that I would have ever tried a single one of them! So it was great to have someone to direct me to products that were perfect fits for me but that I definitely would have overlooked on my own! 
After we got home I decided to do a little homework, we all know that Walmart brands save you tons of money–but I wanted to see just how much money I did save so I looked up all the products that I bought from CoverGirl and Olay and found their closest behind-the-glass-counter counterparts that I would have purchased with a makeup consultation anywhere else. Here is what I found!
Walmart CoverGirl & Olay Pricing:
$6.47 Firming Night Cream Moisturizer
$12.97 Oil Cleanser & Brush
$12.97 BB Cream (plus a bonus FULL sized Oil Cleanser exactly like the kind that came with my brush!)
$6.94 Mascara
$4.84 Eyeshadow Quad Pack
$4.94 Nail Polish with built in topcoat
$5.94 Lipstick
Total: $55.07
Well Known Company Behind-The-Glass-Counter Department Store Pricing:
$70 Firming Night Cream Moisturizer
$23 (x2) Oil Cleanser
$39 BBCream (significantly smaller size)
$26 Mascara
$48 Eyeshadow Triple Pack
$20 Nailpolish (no built in top coat)
$30 Lipstick
Total: $279
Do you see that??!! I SAVED $223.93 by purchasing Covergirl and Olay products! At those kinds of savings I decided to take a part of that money I saved and use it to buy a fun, new accessory for my date night!
Wilson's Leather Outlet

On Clearance–of course! 😉

Wilson's Leather Outlet Purse

With the additional clearance price and hubbies veteran discount I ended up getting this beyond darling purse for just $30!!! So that still leaves me with a savings of $193.93 that I could use to pay not only for my new purse but dinner, a movie, and even a whole entire date night in the future!

I know what you’re thinking, however. Sure the prices are great but that doesn’t matter at all if the products are awful, and I totally agree!!! So how did my new Covergirl and Olay products preform for my date night look?

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss

The first product I tried out was the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish. I had mentioned that I don’t normally paint my nails because as a busy mom of two kids they usually chip right away and I don’t have time to be taking them off and repainting constantly. She let me know that this nail polish has a built in topcoat, so it’s a fast, easy way to get heavy duty nail polish that won’t chip! I did notice the drying time was a little long since it’s so thick, but once it dried it is staying strong–plus it looks so cute! Just perfect and happy for Spring and I loved that it would pop against my black and white outfit!

Olay Shine, Shine, Go Away Cleanser

Next I tried out the Shine, Shine Go Away cleanser–it came with this amazing little brush that you use to apply it. It vibrates and so it’s like getting a little mini facial every single day.

Olay Shine, Shine, Go Away Cleanser
It left these cool little patterns on my face from the brush!

It feels SO cool and the cleanser by itself has a wonderful fresh, cleaning feeling as well. I’m in love with it so far, and I’m super picky about my cleansing products. Time will tell if it helps keep my complexion clear but in the mean time I’m seriously loving that crazy little brush!

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream
I couldn’t believe how BIG this was for how little I paid!

Then it was time for the BBCream. I’m seriously impressed with how HUGE this container is compared to most BBCreams! She pointed it out to me over in the section with the cleansers and moisturizers–I would have never thought to look for Olay for a BBCream. Since it has a built in sunscreen (which I love) it has more of a sunscreen type texture to it. I love that it gave me a little bit more coverage than other BBCreams I’ve tried, and it blended seamlessly with my skin!

Date Night, Nicole Elliott, Wyoming Girl
My date night look all complete!

And Volia!!! Yes, you CAN get a totally glamorous date night look for a fraction of the cost! I loved how all the products she gave me really worked together and complimented each other!

Date Night, Nicole Elliott, Wyoming Girl
I was going for fun, flirty, & hot without it coming across as “too much”

It left me with a fun, flirty, hot look that wasn’t over the top or “too much”. I never want to look like one of those girls that you’d have to take a shovel to get the makeup off of her face!

I loved my Smokey Eye courtesy of CoverGirl! I’m in love with the Mirror, Mirror eyeshadow palate that I bought (how could I not with a name like that–totally awesome!) It gave me such a fun smokey eye and I loved that it wasn’t too dark so it popped out against my new Clump Blaster Mascara (which as you can see also worked great!) I’m also totally in love with the lipstick I bought-it was the dreamy, creamy mix between lipstick and gloss that I love and the sparkily pinky color she picked for me set this look off perfectly!

Date Night, Nicole Elliott, Wyoming Girl

After all that work it was time to go show it off! Luckily my hubby is pretty stinking hot himself so together we just made one gorgeous couple! (and no–not at all biased over here!!!)

Outback Steakhouse

For our date we went to my *favorite* restaurant ever–Outback! A completely fun day was topped off by a delicious Victoria Filet and Sweet Potato and when the sweet couple behind us gave us their gift card that had $9 left on it it was like the raspberry glaze on top of a deliciously fun and wonderful day!

Outback Steakhouse Cheesecake

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