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3 Things You Should Do Before Your First 5K

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Ever since hearing about the Color Run 5k a few years ago I have thought it would be a lot of fun–but I thought there was no way I’d be able to go 3 miles. It wasn’t after we moved to Texas and I started jogging on the treadmill that I realized that after awhile, 1 mile starts to hurt a lot less, and if you push through to 2 and 3 miles it actually gets better! Now–don’t get me wrong, it was just on the treadmill and I was still super slow. Sooo slow that one of my favorite pins says,

I Run. I’m slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter BUT I RUN!

Apparently I’m not alone, however, because that has just happened to be re-pinned over 650 times!

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Not So Fat Winter Weight Off ~ Slacking


It’s amazing how once you get *out* of a routine it’s sooo hard to be good and jump back into exercising/eating right again!

The *good* news is that I lost 1.5 lbs Yey! So I’ve just got 6.5 lbs to go to my pre-baby weight. Since my goal is to still hit that by the time Tyler is 9 months old I should definitely be able to, especially if I can ever get my lazy bones in gear and stick to what I say I need to do! I know I’m getting lots of cardio(ish) exercise from hauling the kiddos around to all our various activities so I think I want to start really focusing on strength training/toning stuff. I’m doing the exact same thing I did with Amber and dropping all the weight through nursing so even though I’ve lost 28.5 lbs and am actually now at what is considered a “healthy” weight I still feel all jiggly and have love handles. Exactly what I said I didn’t want to have happen, haha! So time to focus on toning up and getting my body to look the way I want it along with continuing to drop the extra lbs!

Over on the Winter Weight Off post this week they’re talking about choosing light options. I’m all for choosing skim milk and things like that, but if I want ice cream you better believe I’m going for the real thing. I also avoid a lot of aritifical sweetners like aspartme since they have bad side effects like giving me a headache and research shows that they actually make you want and crave real sugar/sugary food more badly.

Goals for this week!
Workout 3 times-focusing on crunches/pushups/toning exercises
Nix the after dinner/mindless eating snacking habit

How are your goals coming and what’s your take on the “light” options?

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Not So Fat Winter Weight Off ~ Craziness

So last week was just *crazy*!!! Here’s what my schedule looked like:

Monday: Amber’s 3rd Birthday Party/Valentine’s Day
Tuesday: Amber’s birthday & work meeting
Wednesday: Bible Study & grocery shopping
Thursday: MOPs
Friday: Pass Out

So, sorry I missed posting! I was doing great about the no eating after dinner…till the party! Last weekend with the cake, ice cream, and V*day candy being good kinda went straight out the window! Yipes!

On a *good* note I did manage to lose 2 lbs despite all that and finally am back on track with my weight loss! Also I finally managed to get over the nasty cold that lasted several weeks. So now I have no reason to *not* get back on track with exercising and eating right! My goal for this week is to once again be good about no after dinner snacking, and exercise 3 times.

I’ve decided to start doing this on Monday’s instead of Tuesdays (starting next week) since usually Monday’s are one of my less crazy days and so hopefully I’ll be able to do it each week. Also I’m switching to Monday’s to be in tune with Winter Weight Off. I’m super excited about this series since one of the areas I struggle in is good tasting, healthy food. Eating healthy is a struggle as my hubby is bean pole and can eat whatever he wants and happens to hate healthy food, haha! I’ll be trying to really focus on eating healthy during the times when he is away for work and I’m excited to use the recipes and tips she’s sharing!

I also really love how she talked about the fact that all of this ISN’T a diet–which is my philosophy and what I’m doing 100%. I’m trying to slowly and gradually get down to my goal weight by introducing positive habits and getting rid of bad ones in my life. That’s also why I decided to stop counting the weeks–this is a process that actually started as soon as I had Tyler and it will continue inevitably so in order to avoid “Not So Fat Week 35293” I’ll just start doing theย 

Have you had any crazy weeks that have thrown you off your schedule? What are you doing to get back on track?

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Not So Fat Tuesday ~ Week 18/Winter Weight Off

So did I fool anyone into thinking it’s actually Tuesday? No? Oh well….I tried ๐Ÿ™‚
Soooo….I’m stuck.
Up till now (as you have seen) pretty much regardless of what I was doing the weight was coming steadily off. Well now I’ve hit that plateau where I’m 10 lbs over my pre-baby weight, Tyler’s 6 months and just started solids, and the scale isn’t budging.
I’m sure that the fact I have a cold and have been super stressed aren’t helping anything. Since I am still sick and a little overwhelmed (although the potential bad news referenced last week looks like it will NOT happen that’s a relief!) I think this week I’m going to focus on one thing and one thing only…kicking the after dinner snacking habit.
Now Abbey from Living My Moment who is one of my gals who is faithfully linking up with me has kicked this habit through Not So Fat….and I feel SUPER guilty that I haven’t managed to! Especially since after dinner I’m never really hungry..that’s just the time of day I really start craving things..especially sweet things! So kicking the habit once and for all would save me a bunch of useless, unhealthy calories!
So I will not have anything after dinner for this entire week except for ice water or hot tea. If I start craving it badly I will get on Twitter and/or Facebook and just complain to Abbey about it so she can tell me not to cave ๐Ÿ™‚
What one thing do you want to focus on? How are you going to keep your self accountable?
Link up in my comments!
One of my favorite Big blogs is also doing a weight loss journey called Winter Weight Off
weight loss tips

So I’ll be linking up with them and you can feel free to as well!