Home & The Picture Keeper

Last week during Spring Break we kept things nice and low key and just hung out at home. I love the spot that we’re staying in right now–because even just sitting and looking out the front door can be wildly entertaining!

If you’re like me you have a MILLION pictures that you organize into folders on your computer and always *say* that you’re going to back up….but never quite get around to it! That’s why when I got sent The Picture Keeper to try out I had a “this is AMAZING” moment!

It’s a USB drive but it’s set up so that it automatically finds and backs up all the pictures on your computer automatically, no software to install, nothing for you to do but plug it in and click “ok”!

 Here’s what it looks like when it’s running, you can keep doing your crazy amount of tabs open Internet browsing in the meantime!

But do you want to know the BEST part about the Picture Keeper? It’s free! That’s right–with any MailPix.com purchase they’ll send you a free Picture Keeper–just pay the shipping on it! How cool is that? As you might remember I LOVED all my MailPix products and I *highly* recommend them! If you haven’t tried them this would be a great excuse to!

The Picture Keeper can hold up to 4,000 pictures but since my camera takes really BIG pictures only 963 fit–but that is nothing to sneeze at! You can go in and delete pictures off of it as well, so that way you can back up your most important ones!

What have you found is the best way to protect and backup your photos? Let me know in the comments!

Nicole Elliott

Flowers of Spring & Shutterfly Home Decor

Here in Texas the flowers are already starting to bless us with their bright and beautiful colors–so I thought I’d share for those of you who are still staring at the snow right now! Whether you’re looking at snow or flowers these are a reminder that Spring is just around the corner, and if you’re like me that means you’ll get the itch to organize, spring clean, and finish projects!

If you’ve been a reader for awhile you might remember how I love to use personal photos to decorate my house! It’s still my favorite way to bring beauty, personality, and uniqueness to our home! Photos don’t have to just be of your family, however, I love to get landscape and flower pictures (like the ones in this post!) printed out to decorate our home! {be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom–there’s a giveaway!}

Of course you also know that Shutterfly is one of my all time favorite photo sites (Don’t forget about the 8×8 Photo Book Giveaway of theirs I have going on right now that ends tomorrow as well!) In addition to their great typical photo products they also have 16 Photo home décor products including two brand new ones: New Canvas Print Designs & New Decorative Wall Decals!

One lucky reader will win a 5×5 Photo Gallery Acrylic Block plus shipping!

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Nicole Elliott

5 Years Old Photos

{I’m still having a hard time believing my “baby” is five–that means that before I blink we’ll be needing to order Shutterfly Yearbooks instead of just doing a yearly photo shoot! This year for her pictures we went to the Rose Gardens–I LOVE how they turned out! If you scroll  to the bottom you’ll find a giveaway for a 8×8 Shutterfly Photo Book!}

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Nicole Elliott

Wyoming Winter Wonderland

Here in Texas the weather is already getting hot–however I was able to fully enjoy a winter wonderland during my stay in Southwest Wyoming over Christmas–here are some of the shots I got during a Sunday Afternoon Drive right outside of my hometown of Rock Springs. The highlight was definitely seeing the seven bull elk!

Nicole Elliott