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Little Feet – Poetic Musings Of A Mom During Naptime

Little Feet – Poetic Musings Of A Mom During Naptime

“WINTER IS COMING”, and with that, I find myself under the weather sipping on some delicious echinacea with elderberry hot tea to soothe my sore throat. I’m also presently cuddling under blankets marathoning some Netflix shows whilst the kiddos nap. Isn’t it fantastic? Nap-time is […]

The Question

The Question

The Question Poem Title

Happy holiday season, beloveds! Whether you celebrate traditional Christmas or something else. I wish you nothing but a season of love and peace.

I am currently in school working towards my BSN in English, and I took a creative writing course this past semester. This was my final poem that I wrote for the semester, and thought I would be vulnerable and share it with all of you, my favorite people! Hope you enjoy!


The Question

When one ponders the meaning of life,

Many things will come to each individual’s mind.

What is life to you?

What is life to me?

It varies for the souls this question conceives,

But the answer within my own bosom

Doth adamantly proceed.


Life is a journey,

An adventure of sorts.

Not the kind in the fairy tales,

But more practical of course.


There are highs,

There are lows.

There are mountains,

There are valleys.

There is pride,

There is humility.

There is generosity,

There is selfishness.

There is love,

There is fear.



Did you think I would say hate

In antagonistic accompaniment with love?

My dear kindred spirit,

I must teach you a truth

I found within my own soul.

The very root of hate





Both unabated and enflamed,

Is a dangerous poison

That both wrecks each soul and decimates.


So what is life to me?

Life is an unadulterated melody of changing notes.

It composes a symphony of harmonious cacophony,

Intertwined in a collision of brilliant life forces,

That are the souls each human tragically and blessedly doth possess.


Now only one question must remain,

What is life to you?

If you don’t know,

Just breathe,

For I believe that the answer

Not only lies within you,

The answer IS you.


So again I ask,

What is life to you?

By: Rebekah Clark


So, what is the meaning of life to you?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, beloved reader.

Thank you so much for reading!

With great affection,

Rebekah M. Clark

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