1 Year Old Pictures!! :D

Amber’s one year old pictures are here!!! I decided to get them taken early because I won a $25 gift certificate at MOPs from the lady who did Bob and my wedding pictures. I think they turned out adorable 🙂 Now the hard part will be deciding which ones to order!!!!! 🙂 Enter the password “Family” and scroll down through the pictures on the right till you see the one with my name. Click the “view images” on the left or you’ll just see the one. 🙂 Enjoy!!



  1. The Bundy's

    I really enjoy looking at Jenni’s work. She does some amazing stuff. If I wasn’t a photographer myself I’m pretty sure I’d take my kids to her all the time.

  2. Heather

    I know they can’t be accessed any more (at least not how I’m doing it) but she did a great job and I enjoyed looking at them when they came out. Which ones did you end up deciding on?

  3. Heidi Plummer

    Getting “real” pictures taken is so much fun! I need to get Alinnah’s pics taken, and family pics before Christmas. I’m so excited to get to send out pictures of the three of us in our Christmas cards this year!

  4. The Bundy's

    DO you have a MOPs group in NC. I’ve been thinkng about getting involved.

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