It’s official!

So awhile ago I mentioned the fact that I was starting my very own scrap-for-hire business and that I’d let you know when I had everything all settled–well, it’s official! I’m now the proud owner of Artistic Albums by Nicole. I actually decided on a name and even started doing business eons ago, but never got around to blogging about it. 🙂 I even have my own seperate business blog you can all check out:

So far I’m absolutely loving it! I’m so thankful that Heather talked me into doing this and plan on keeping it up indefinitely. It’s the perfect way for me to bring in a little bit of extra money while doing something I love and expanding my skills in it. Since this is now such a huge part of my life I thought I’d blog a little about digital scrapping and how I got into it in the first place.

I guess the best place to start out would be with scrapbooking in general. I first started (paper) scrapping in my senior year of high school. Since I was homeschooled I didn’t have a year book, but wanted a way to document my last year of high school. I decided to make a scrapbook of it as an alternative. My mom got me materials and a class as my birthday present that year and my love-affair with scrapbooking began. I made an awesome senior year album and then set scrapping away for a while.

Once I got married I knew that I just had to scrap all the awesome pictures I had. Luckily we were able to get an amazing photographer when she was just starting out and before she became “famous” ( and since I had a cd of the pictures it was super easy (and cheap) for me to get them all printed out and scrapped.

I also created a Coast Guard album for my husband and all his experiences in the Honor Guard. I really did love scrapping, but I got frustrated because it was so expensive and I just didn’t have the patience to do the pages up to the level I wanted them to be. Sitting for hours stitching and sanding and inking just wasn’t my idea of a good time. Once I got pregnant I knew I would want to scrapbook all of my future child’s babyhood. I picked up a few scrapbooking magazines to give me some fresh ideas. I kept gravitating to certain layouts in the magazine and was surprised when I realized that they were all done digitally. Even more surprising to me was that they all said they were made using Photoshop. I knew that you could edit photos in Photoshop, but had no idea you could digi-scrap with it, or how on earth that would even work. When I started a blog last summer I saw that my friend Jaimin had hers all decked out and adorable with a super cute background. I followed her link for the instructions on how to do it and was directed from there to several sites that had digital scrapbook papers that you could download and also use for blog backgrounds. Already intrigued at the idea of digital scrapping I looked all over these sites, specifically , to learn more. I also found tutorials. When my in-laws told us that we could pick our b-day presents off of and I saw Photo Shop Elements I knew exactly what I wanted. I got it, started downloading kits and checking out other sites and more tutorials…..and eventually that lead me to where I am now!!!!

So far I’ve gotten many more ppl interested in digital scrapping for themselves than I have customers, but you know what? I’m totally fine with that. 🙂 I love showing people this amazing new hobby that’s so much fun without being hard or ridiculously expensive. If in the end my business end up in me “teaching” more people about the joys of digital scrapping than ever making a bunch of money off of it, I’ll still feel it was worth all my effort!!!


  1. Paulina

    I didn’t know you were homeschool! very cool! Do you plan on homeschooling Amber? I have played around with the idea…..

    Also, have you tried photoshop? I have photoshop elements and a writing tablet that I love. One day I will do the $1500 dollar upgrade and get the whole adobe package! I used to take computer graphics is High school….but then again….that was back in the day when we those big “bubble” colorful desktop macs. Do you remember those?

    Congrats on scrapping, I’ve never been much of a scrapbooker myself….I love the idea of layouts and graphics…..but I just don’t think I could ‘scrap’ myself. Thats why one day I’ll come to you to make me a gift for Lee’s family!!!

  2. karen

    so glad you were able to start your business, you do awesome work!! 🙂

  3. The Bundy's

    So here’s the deal, while you were very convincing in your message on FB the problem is I sell scrapbooking supplies haha. I may have to do a little of both…we’ll see. Until then I’ll just enjoy your stuff!

  4. Heather

    I just love all your pages!! It’s pretty crazy how far you’ve come since this entry.

  5. Heidi Plummer

    That’s a great idea for bringing in some extra money!

  6. mom2boys

    What a great idea! I also love to scrapbook 🙂

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