For the Dad’s

Since I did my “tribute” for Mother’s Day it’s only fair that I now give a shout out to the equally amazing father’s in my life!!!

First of all I’m very thankful for my wonderful husband. For a guy who’d never even held a little baby and being thrust into having to do everything for our tiny newborn after I’d undergone my emergency c-section he did such an amazing job it still makes me shake my head and be filled with thankfulness. I see so many of the positive qualities of my Dad and his Dad reflected in him. He does such a wonderful job providing for us and taking care of us and I’m so thankful to have him be the Daddy of our little girl!!!

I’m also very grateful for my own Dad. I have so many wonderful memories of hunting, fishing, camping, gardening, playing at the park, have him teach me to ride my bike…the list goes on and on. I’m so thankful for the faithful and hard worker he was(and still is) and how he’d go to work even when he was tired, or sick, or his back was hurting him. We had so many nice things growing up because of his willingness to work in a dangerous hard manual labor job. I get my temperament and my strong will from him, which means we would clash at times, but then forgive and forget a few minutes later. I was always proud of how big and strong he is and actually secretly enjoyed the fact that I had the kind of Dad who scared all the boys off. He even did the bit about showing his impressive display of guns and knives off in front of one of the ones he didn’t like–Haha!!!! It’s so much fun watching him with Amber now and he’s as wonderful a Grandpa as he was a Dad. The sweetest thing in the world is seeing my big strong Dad curled up on the couch with my baby watching Sesame Street!

I not only lucked out in the mother-in-law department but hit the jackpot in the father-in-law department as well. John and I hit it off from the moment I met him. (I got to meet him the same day I met Bob, he told me I was the 5th girl Bob had brought by that day and at the time I believed him!!! Haha!!!!) I grew up used to teasing and teasing back and we have a great time giving each other a hard time. He’s absolutely hilarious and full of wisdom and I just love him to death! Bob looks up to him and respects him more than anyone else and he is the one person who can always make Bob laugh after a rough day. I know that he was a wonderful father growing up and that Bob tries to be like him in that aspect.

My Grandpa Romero holds a very dear place in my heart. My memories of hunting with him are some of my very best. As I said before, almost all my holidays were spent with him and my Grandma and we usually went and visited once a week the whole time I was growing up. He always has a funny story to tell and always makes me laugh–even if it’s just by bickering with my Grandma!!! His salvation testimony is an amazing one and just one of the many reasons for my bedrock faith in God’s salvation and the amazing changes that come because of it. How grateful I am for those changes because I sincerely believe I could not have enjoyed knowing and loving my Grandpa all these years if he hadn’t become a Christian and had God change the destructive path he was going down. I’ve heard him say that same thing many, many times. I love him dearly and am so thankful to have him in my life, and hope and pray that I’ll be able to continue to for a long time to come.

The only one of my Grandparents that I never got to meet was my Mom’s Dad. He died when she was just 18 years old. I know she loved him very much and have always regretted not getting to meet him. I’m sure I would have had a wonderful relationship with him as well and that he would have made a wonderful Grandpa. I am thankful for my Grandpa Middlemas who married my Grandma after my Mom’s dad died. I’ve always known him as my Grandpa and although I haven’t gotten to know him as well as my other Grandparents he’s always treated me like his granddaughter and I always enjoy visiting with him when I’m back home.

These are the men in my life I’m proud to call my Dad’s. Thank you all for your strength and most of all for your love. I love you all so much!!!!!


  1. Katie, Kevin and kids

    What a great tribute to many special men. It sounds like you and Amber are surrounded by some great guys.

  2. Heather

    And I bet Bob is so excited to be able to celebrate Father’s Day now 🙂

  3. The Bundy's

    She looks so tiny in Bob’s arms. How much did she weigh when she was born?

  4. Heidi Plummer

    I love the little tiny Amber picture. 🙂 Daddies look so cute with their babies!

  5. mom2boys

    A very special tribute to some great father’s! Sounds like you have a wonderful husband 🙂

  6. Heidi Plummer

    Does Bob just LOVE being a daddy? Shad is loving it!

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