I Heart Faces Excited Photo Challenge

It seems like little miss Amber is always excited! I took this picture on Mother’s Day of this year, she always gets excited to go for a walk to our pond!

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  1. texasholly

    She is adorable!

  2. Charisse

    What a cute little girl with awesome expression!!!

  3. the monkey's mama

    awww! what an absolute cutie! Isn’t it so fun when kiddos get excited over the littlest things (not that the pond is little but might be something we grownups take for granted!)

  4. KIKI

    She is always smiling and laughing. Unless those are the only moments you capture. hehehe

  5. Heather

    Her hair has gotten so long since this picture was taken. Very cute!

  6. Heather

    Oh, and I absolutely love how her first known shape is a heart!

  7. Heidi Plummer

    That is such a cute little dress! I love dressing Alinnah in purple things sometimes…I like pink, too, but the purple is my favorite!

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