Blogs (and random things) I ♥Heart♥ Part 2

Baby Blooze –this blog is priceless! I’ve always been a huge fan “crying” pictures! Amber even got featured on here, you can check out my Sad Dad post here.

Really Working From Home –yes, I’m prejudiced because I’m featured on the site, but the blog is fabulous and has a giveaway every Friday!

Scentsy Giveaways –ran by Kirsten (of course!) because who doesn’t want to win some Scentsy?!

Random things I ♥heart♥:

The new Broncos!!! I have to admit I was a little scared when they fired Shanahan and Culter and well, let’s face it, basically the whole team, but I couldn’t love the new team more! And is it just me or is that new coach reeeaaalllyyyy cute?!

Weather in NC in October, it’s perfect! Feels like Wyoming in the summer. 🙂

The sound of leaves crunching underneath my flip flops.

Random comments from sweet strangers in foreign countries that totally make my day like this one from Ivy:

“hi, came across your blog while looking thru the Coffee Shop comments. I heart your layout. Really pretty and you are too 🙂 Regards from Indonesia”

A professional blog designer telling me she loves my blog’s design (that I slaved over)

My 65 new followers!!!!!!!!!!! Yey for new friends, you all rock!

And getting random packages in the mail every few days, it’s like Christmas all the time!


  1. Heather

    Wow – you would have to be really bad to get fired from football right?

  2. Heather

    And hooray for 65 followers!!! Yay Nicole!

  3. Tracie

    I heart crunchy leaves!! And I heart your blog!

  4. karen

    omg, your Sad Dad picture is awesome!!! I love it, even amber looked like she was pouting 🙂 way too cute

  5. karen

    wow, indonesia, you sure get around!! 🙂 lol

  6. The Bundy's

    Um, I like all of that EXCEPT the broncos. However that new coash is pretty cute 😉

  7. Meg

    How DID you create your blog design? It’s so cute. I have some web experience but I can’t seem to figure out how to make a blog design.

  8. Heidi Plummer

    The lady from Indonesia makes me want to go find some blog from some other country and write something nice on it…but I really wouldn’t know how to find a blog from another country. lol

  9. Heidi Plummer

    Also, this blog is keeping me too busy commenting on it to even think about trying to comment on another blog, this country or some other country!

  10. Justin Marlow

    The Broncos needed that change. I was reluctant to accept it at first..I loved Shanahan and the team but it was much needed. Cheers to a new Bronco era!

  11. ~*~lilshuga2001~*~

    Looks like you have 75 followers now!

  12. ~*~lilshuga2001~*~

    indonesia??? Wow!
    How the heck did she find you!@@

  13. ~*~lilshuga2001~*~

    I love getting random pkgs in the mail too!!!

    Give you the adrenaline rush you need to make it through the next day!

  14. ~*~lilshuga2001~*~

    Well Im off to dream about lil winning emails in my SPAM box!

    May each and every one of you get some too!

    ~~PIXIE DUST!!~~

  15. mom2boys

    I love random packages in the mail. They make me feel like a kid on Christmas morning!:)

  16. Heather

    Go, go Broncos!!

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