Pretty Please Press 4 Hardback Children’s Books *Giveaway & Review*

**This Giveaway is now CLOSED Congratulations to Jaime who won**
Growing up my Mom read to us every single night before bed. In fact, I listened to a “bed time story” up until I was 16 years old and only stopped then because I was working during the “bed time story”. Now that I have a child of my own I have carried on this cherished tradition and focus just on her every night as I read her story after story after story.
Pretty Please Press realizes the value that reading aloud to children has, and in fact they were created based on the idea that reading aloud establishes good communication between parents and children. Many experts stress that reading together during elementary school years helps parents and children bond as a family and helps kids stay on the right track. Reading to your child is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a parent!
I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to do a review for Pretty Please Press! They sent me all four of their amazing hard back children’s books to review.
Although the books are above Amber’s level she listened to Pynx, which is one of the shortest ones, with interest and she keeps sneaking to the night stand I had the books sitting on for the review so she can take them away and look at the pictures.
I can’t say that I blame her though! Just in and of itself the artwork would be reason alone to buy these stunning books! Each of the four books has a drastically different style of writing and artwork but they’re all the same in that each is lively and engaging, on a level that a child in elementary school could understand and yet contains new words for them to learn, and my favorite aspect is that each story contains a valuable life lesson. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them as an adult!
Although they’re all great I’d like to focus on my two favorites which are Bella Basset Ballerina and Pynx. Bella is a Basset Hound who goes to a ballet and longs to become a Ballerina. Of course everyone knows that Basset hounds are not meant to be ballerina’s but Bella is determined. I enjoyed that the story showed that you can be anything you want to, but it also included the fact that Bella had to sacrifice and work hard and go through lots of rejection in order to find her dream. What a refreshingly realistic take on the “be anything you want to be” for children!
I love Pynx because of the artwork, the Suess-like names and creatures, and the under riding theme that although we may not look alike or even be able to understand each other we can still help each other and try to get along!
Right now Pretty Please Press is offering a special discount of 20% off the list price of the books if you purchase from their website and a “buy 3 books get one free” offer as well! Perfect timing for Christmas! These offers will expire 12/31 so go get your shopping done!
In addition Pretty Please offers wonderful Character Building Lesson Plans for teachers and free educational downloads that include Vocabulary Building Cards and Concept Building Cards for each book!
But wait! Before you rush off to buy them (because I know you’re dying too) Pretty Please Press is giving one of my readers the wonderful opportunity to win all 4 of their glorious Hardback Childrens Books!!!! (so enter first and then go by…even if you win these would make a great Christmas gift!)
Here’s all the juicy details on how you can win! Remember, I have to have your email to tell you you’re the lucky winner! If I don’t have it I’ll have to pick another so make sure it’s somewhere I can get to! Also leave a seperate comment for each entry. Each Comment = 1 Entry
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This Contest will end 11/14/09 at 10:00 p.m. EST
I will contact the winner via email and post them on this blog. They have 48 hours to claim their win before a new winner is chosen.
Good luck!!!!

A special thanks to the Product Review Place for hooking me up with this wonderful company and review/giveaway!


  1. Heather

    So I don’t have kids but can I still enter? Let me know and if I can, then I’ll do the rest of the enteries.

    I follow your blog.

  2. Heather

    And here’s one more before other people go look at the website…I think The Scritchy Little Twitchell Sisters sounds hilarious! It’s about two sisters who fight but it gets turned into entertainment for others…wouldn’t mothers love that?!

  3. Heather

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  5. Heather

    I think ‘The Scritchy Little Twitchell Sisters’ looks interesting in a funny way 🙂 And I am not positive who I would give the books to, but there are a TON of people pregnant right now or with new babies, so I could find somebody. I would probably give one to Angela for her to read to her baby at a later date.

  6. Jaimin

    Love books!! And so does Powell. 😉 I follow your blog.

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  9. Jaimin

    I’m going to have to say Pynx, because we love Dr. Seuss, and if this is similar, that would be great! Also going to have to say Bella Basset Ballerina…because I was a ballerina! 🙂

  10. Jaimin

    Whoops! The books would be going to my children. :)-include with previous entry please. 🙂

  11. Abby

    I now follow!

    ajcmeyer at go dot com

  12. Abby

    I am thinking Pynx looks like something that would totally be up my daughter’s alley!

    ajcmeyer at go dot com

  13. Jaimin

    They have FREE downloadable vocabulary building and concept building flash cards for each book. Great tool!

  14. Jaimin

    I have your button, entry 1

  15. Jaimin

    I have your button, entry 2

  16. Jaimin

    Reading for 10 minutes for myself or children is not hard! 🙂 We read all the time to Powell and Isabel, and I myself am currently reading, Two From Galilee by Marjorie Holmes (A love story of Mary and Joseph).

  17. Haps

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    I think that Pynx looks like fun. I would keep them for myself…and my kiddos. 🙂

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  22. Haps

    I read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish to Bryn and Alinnah.

  23. Haps

    Just like you, one of the favorite memories of the founder of Pretty Please Press is her mom reading aloud to her. 🙂

  24. Susan

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  26. Susan

    I personally would probably like Pynx the best. I was raised on Dr. Seuss and always enjoy books that are written in the same style.

    I think my 5 year old grand-daughter would enjoy Bella Basset Ballerina. She loves to dance and she adores dogs.

  27. Susan

    Pretty Please Press has Bella Basset the Musical for review to schools with an active music and theater program

  28. Susan

    I read every day – and that’s not counting all the reading I do online!!

    I read too my 2 year old grandson and my 5 year old grand-daughter reads to me when she gets home from kindergarten.

    Reading has always been very important to me. I learned to read at age 4. Like my Dad said – what else are we going to do during a Wyoming winter?

  29. Haps

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    I also subscribed to you by email!
    Love the blog!

  32. Blissful Bee Boutique

    Pynx looks like my fav! I’d be giving to my son! He’s nearly 6 and learning to read in Kindegarden this year, though I still read all his books to him! Haha This would be great to use with his Book It Club also!

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    I think Pynx sounds very interesting. My son will love looking at the pictures because they sound pretty good.

  41. Candice

    Download vocab building and concept building flash cards for each book for free.

  42. Candice

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  43. Candice

    Im reading the Twilight books at the moment so each night before bed I do some reading.

    I also read to my son each night. He loves the Toy Story book – its his fav at the moment.

  44. tanya904

    I am following your blog

  45. tanya904

    I think that these books sound really cute and I especially love the titles “Bella Basset Ballerina” I would give this books to my nieces who are 5 and 8 years old

  46. tanya904

    I learned that the founder of Pretty Please press was the daughter of a children’s book editor and publisher

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  55. Kym

    Something I learned on the website is among Laura Aimee Garn’s earliest memories are the wonderful times she spent reading picture books with her mother, who was a children’s book editor and publisher.

  56. Kym

    I read to my daughter tonight for probably 20 minutes including the Hungry Caterpillar and other favourites.

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    Pynx looks like a fun read! If I win, these books will be donated to Toys For Tots! 🙂

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    You can actually Download and cut up their free Vocabulary Building and Concept Building Cards. Cool huh!

  77. Shelbie Johnston

    I follow you on twitter, tweet!

  78. Shelbie Johnston

    I read every night to my Grandson for at least 15 minutes 🙂

  79. Anonymous

    Pynex looks fun. I grew up readingDr Seuss books. I think it is important to read to your children everyday.
    Diane Baum

  80. Heidi Plummer

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  81. Brittany

    All of these books sound great!I don’t have any kids of my own,but if I won I’d definitely either give them to my baby niece or my neighbor’s little boy:)

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    I think Bella Basset Ballerina sounds cute, and I’d give it all to the kinder. If I think she’s too old, I’ll send them to my niece and nephew. Thanks!

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  104. Heather

    Pretty Please Press was founded in 2001 by author Laura Aimee Garn, and is now led by publisher Vera Venturi

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