I have often stopped to think about how the world would be a much better place if we as adults were more like the “little citizens of the world.” I know this is not an entirely new concept, yet it is impressed fresh upon my mind every day as I watch my own little citizen exploring her world through fresh young eyes.
Oh to be awed by nature and spend half an hour examining the delicacies of a spring time clover
To greet each and every stranger with a huge smile and a hearty “Hello!”
To love unconditionally and unreservedly and freely give hugs and kisses
To continue to do so even when the person has changed or appears different
To see the world through eyes of innocence and hope
To sit and stare at the rain, to marvel over it
To have finding a stick on your daily walk make you as happy as if you’d won the lottery, probably happier…
She knows nothing of hate, nothing of racism, nothing about disliking anyone because they’re different. Everyone is a friend, differences intrigue and awe her.

As adults we tend to be busy, worried, concerned, self centered, hard hearted and jaded.

We’ve forgotten the joy of simply being alive.
Oh what a better place the world would be if we’d just stop and take some lessons from our little citizens!
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