Thanksgiving Made Easy-Peasy *Giveaway*

During my recent War of the Comments I had several of you compliment me on my impressive Thanksgiving spread from last year.
And I can assure you, it was much tastier than it looks!!! 🙂
Growing up we always went over to my Grandma Romero’s house for every big holiday meal. The only thing my mom had to bring was her fabulous sweet potatoes so I never lifted a finger or helped, other than washing dishes. Fast forward to me as a newly wed and having to spend each Thanksgiving with my hubby alone. I was traumatized with the thought of cooking a huge meal, I’d never even prepared a single holiday dish!
Thankfully my mom sent me the FlyLady holiday meal guide and I was able to pull off an amazing meal, amazingly easy. The first year I followed it to the letter but found there were several dishes I preferred using my families recipes instead of hers. The next year I copied the entire guide over to Word, changed it to work in my favorite recipes, and now I have an amazing guide I use every single year. It seriously makes cooking a great big meal so easy!
It comes with a step-by-step guideline starting 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and telling you what to do when, and for Thanksgiving itself gives you a step-by-step time table of what to cook when so everything will be done at the same time and perfect!
It includes delicious recipes for Turkey, Delicious Homemade Gravy, My Grandma’s Amazing Stuffing, Orange Cranberry Sauce, Homemade Mash Potatoes, My Mom’s Sweet Potatoes and Marshmallows, Rolls and Butter, and last but not least Pumpkin Cheesecake
It even comes with a shopping list!!!
Since it’s in Word it would be super easy to switch out or add your own favorite recipes as well!
I’ve decided that I’m going to giveaway a copy of this to every single on of you who wants it 😀 Just because I love you! It would probably be worth getting even if you just want one recipe, I mean, it’s free after all!
All you have to do is leave me a comment with your email address so I can email it to you! 🙂 It would make me super happy if you’d follow me in some fashion as well, and maybe even spread the word somehow that I’m doing this, but it’s not required 🙂
Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. Kym

    That is so nice of you Nicole, I would love to see how you made them, I am always looking for new yummy things 🙂

  2. Tracie

    You are so sweet!!! I would love a copy…I will be visiting family this year for Thanksgiving and it would be fun to pull out a new recipe for the dish that I contribute! Thank you (or maybe two, because I can’t decided what sounds more yummy, Pumpkin Cheesecake or Orange Cranberry Sauce)

  3. Anonymous

    I love recipes Nicole this is very nice of you to do for those of us who love to try new recipes. Last year all we did was appetizers, I look forward to trying yours. I will facebook your blog and also tweet you since your such a sweetie! cyndismith bellsouth dottie net

  4. Traci

    Thank you so very much! This year I find myself in your shoes, newly married and never having cooked a holiday meal in my life!! I know this guide will help me make a meal he’ll never forget. samismylife12 at rocketmail dot com

  5. Sherrill Yoder

    Great Idea–thanks for being so willing to share. The big Holiday meals always get me nervous until they are over! Love to try new recipes!

  6. Candice

    You are so lovely Nicole. I would love to get a copy of these recipes too 🙂

  7. karen

    I haven’t got to make a Thanksgiving meal for us, we’re always at family’s!! I would love to start our own tradition and recipes. I would love one!! Thanks, you’re the best!!

  8. ~*~lilshuga2001~*~

    Awe your so generous!!
    Count me in!

    Oh I got your mail today!! THANKS!!!

  9. ~*~lilshuga2001~*~

    Hey its 9:11 (11 is my lucky #)

  10. Susan

    Okay, I’m not going to get the 2 weeks head start on the preparations, but I’d still like to have your recipes, please.

  11. Anonymous

    Hi Nicole!! Marissa LOVES cheesecake and I have noticed that SEVERAL times you have mentioned it. I would LOVE to have that recipe 🙂 (and the others too) Thank you so much for sharing!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
    ~Wanda P.

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