Time to be responsible….

Ok, so I know all of us has probably done it at some point, (I’m definitely guilty) you’re driving down the road in a familiar part of town and buzz goes the cell. Without thinking about what you’re doing you pick it up and glance at your incoming text message, at the next red light you frantically reply back. You might feel a little guilty about it or you might shrug it off. The thing is that so many accidents happen because of people driving while “intexticated”. My brother’s truck got hit while it was parked by a texting teenage girl. As mom’s and adults we have a responsiblity to be a good example to those around us! So go over and take the pledge! You’ll even get the chance to win a laptop¬†for your time but it’s just a good thing to do regardless!


  1. LiveLaughLoveCj

    Love this….
    Can you put the link to my site in here so they know where to go to take the pledge and enter for the GC?


  2. Heather

    And even though it’s illegal now, they still do it and don’t get pulled over so why should they care that they are doing it, you know?

  3. Heidi Plummer

    The stories about “intexticated” driving are so sad and scary!

  4. ~*~lilshuga2001~*~

    How sad…Thats why I always have the bluetooth in the car!!

  5. ~*~lilshuga2001~*~

    I even see police officers driving and on their cell pohones

  6. Heather

    I was just going to say what you did lilshuga…cops are always on their phones, even though it’s supposedly illegal now.

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