Not Me Monday

First I must tell you all that I certainly have not missed posting Not Me Monday. Nope, since I don’t do anything wrong I have no need to secretly confess it on my blog to all my wundermous followers who love me as I am.
That being said…
I did not screech like a wild banshee at darling hubby when he brought home a list full of sticky, hot, ginormous bug and drug lord infested places to live next. (despite what I might have claimed earlier) I am a darling wife who would never, ever do something like that!
I also must tell you all that I’m afraid my Twitter account has been hacked because it was certainly not me who sat shamelessly discussing how entirely scrumptious Denver’s new head coach is during last MNF game with fellow Denver Twitter Bugs. I hit hubby for looking at women and would never turn around and do it myself.
Speaking of women…I also definitely did not throw away my latest Victoria Secret catalog after looking at only 4 pages. I mean, I’m a well adjusted confident young women despite my after baby body. So there would be no reason for me to turn my nose up in disgust at their gorgeous, tan, nastily stretch mark free big boobs right?! That would be silly since I love Vicki’s Secret’s lines so why would I throw a perfectly good catalog away?!
Oh and I think it totally makes sense for them to have their size D “angels” modeling their padded bras. It doesn’t make us…less blessed…girls grumpy at all!
But enough of that….now I must tell you that I did not smash poor Amber’s hand in the door this evening. Since I have the all knowing eyes in the back of my head I sensed she was darting like a gazelle into the bathroom behind me just as I was reaching back.
So….what have you not been up to lately?!
To see what MckMama and everyone else hasn’t been up to just hop on over to her blog post from today!


  1. Heather

    I’ll trade you my D’s for whatever you’ve got 😉

  2. Tracie

    As someone who doesn’t even fit into a Victoria’s Secret….I will not comment on that!

    My daughter does that whole darting like a gazelle thing too, and I have never smashed her hand or her head in a door. Nope. That wasn’t me 🙂

  3. Heidi Plummer

    lol…good stuff. 🙂

  4. Gena

    lmao I never understood the whole miracle bra on an already blessed model. Makes no sense!

    Fellow DTB club member~

  5. Rudy Rukus

    That is pretty funny!! I love to do not me Monday’s they are my favorite!!

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