Tuesday’s Tunes

Oh dear….I’m so addicted that I’m coming up with meme’s now!!! Ack! When will the madness stop…
But anyways, I decided I wanted to because I’m the boss and I said so, that’s why! 😉 🙂 (and this blog is just about the only place I’m head honcho…so I might as well enjoy it right?!)
So anyways..enough rambling! I love music in general. It makes me happy! I love stuff I can sing along to, soothing piano music for when I’m stressed or tired, and happy music I can dance to.
I also really love music that has intriguing or meaningful lyrics. One reason I hate secular rap (apart for the general vulgarity) is that there is absolutely no depth to the music. As far as I can tell it only talks about one of 3 things: sex, drugs, or gangs. Come on, really?! (personal opinion, I’m sure someone will want to argue that and tell me about how it portrays a struggle of life in the ghetto..lol. If that’s your view then fine, blog about it on your blog–wow I must feel sassy today!)
And wow I’m rambling really bad today…
So anyways I’d like to share some of my most favorite songs and their lyrics with you in random order. This is the song that first made me think of doing this so even though it’s not really a favorite it’s why I’m sharing it first. Hope you enjoy! (oh, and yes I think it’s a little ironic that she sings it, but the message is still so good and so true!)
What A Way to Wanna Be
~Shania Twain
I don’t wanna wear that, it only makes me look fat…
Time to trim my thighs gotta lose another size, Yeah, what a way to wanna be
Exfoliate, look great
Feel guilty about what you ate
You’re buying all the books, to learn the latest looks, Yeah, what a way to wanna be
We like to buy we like to spend to keep up with the latest trends
But we don’t get no satisfaction living like a slave of fashion
No more thinking for yourself, just get it off a shelf…
Oh, why be perfect?!
No, it’s not worth it!
Don’t be so obsessed
Come on give it a rest
This is not some contest
Just do your best!
Because no body’s perfect.
What a way to want to be!
Moisturize, exercise,
Erase the rings around your eyes
Cover what you can,
Get a Coppertone tan
What a way to wanna be.
Stabilize the mood you’re in
You’re back on diet food again
Bigger is the best, but only in the chest, Yeah, what a way to wanna be!
It’s so very, unnecessary,
And half insane, to be so vain…
It’s so synthetic, I just don’t get it…
I don’t get it baby…
Don’t be so obsessed

Come on give it a rest
This is not some contest
Just do your best!
Because no body’s perfect.
What a way to wanna be!


  1. karen

    awesome song, I love it, going to download to my ipod!! 😀

  2. karen

    here’s a good link to the music video 🙂

  3. Heidi Plummer

    Sounds exciting…I’ll be looking forward to Tuesday’s Tunes. 🙂

  4. Heather

    I love Shania! And now I want to go grab that CD and listen to it…it’s been forever.

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