Change Your Thinking!

This Christmas I’d like to challenge you all to re-think your Christmas Shopping. Ever since I started my business I’ve become aware of tons of other wonderful Mom run businesses. I’ve decided to do my shopping with as many Mom Run and Mom Friendly businesses this year as possible! Instead of running to big chain to do your shopping this year, why not do something that will actually help our economy out and give your money to Mom’s who are people just like you and me and will far more benefit from your money than a big corporation would?! Not to mention they’ll appreciate you more and treat you better!

Wondering where you can find some great businesses like this to buy from though? Well I can help you out!!! I’m featured on Really Working From Home and they have an amazing Online Christmas Boutique going on right now! You can find gifts for $5, $10, and  $20 (shipping included!) On the Really Working From Home Blog you’ll find a new feature and giveaway ever day during this as well!!! All the the Mom’s featured on this site are Christian Mom’s as well!!! So they definitely are good people to help support!
Another great site to find amazing businesses is Mommy Perks. Not only do they have amazing businesses, each business offers a perk (discount, special, etc.) for Mommy Perk Members! How cool is that?! It’s free to join and by joining you’ll get their awesome newsletter and access to special giveaways. They have a member for every state except for South Dakota!!! They’re planning a big celebration once they get all 50 states so if you know a mom in South Dakota please tell her about this!
The Mom behind Mommy Perks is Shara Weiss. Shara is sweet, sassy, and fun! Although she’s always crazy busy she’s never been to busy to send me a comment, answer a question, or give me advice. I’m so happy to have met her and even though we only met a short while ago she’s already a close friend!
Right now Mommy Perks has an amazing Entrepreneur’s Gift Guide on her site. Each business is doing a giveaway and offering specials that will run till Christmas Day! It’s something you’ll be sure to want to check out! There is something for everyone on your list in it.
So please go look at these sites and consider doing all, or at least part, of your Christmas Shopping on them! I and the other small business Mom’s will sincerely appreciate it!!!!


  1. SharaPCS

    So sweet, Nicole. Mommy Perks loves you, too 🙂 Thanks for helping us spread the small business love’n! Speaking of which, I need to get you a photo so we can get those holiday cards made!

  2. Heidi Plummer

    Thanks for the advice…I’ll go look up those places and hopefully find some great things for Christmas presents!

  3. karen

    That’s funny, I got part of the girls and sister’s christmas from Little Diva Tutus and got Slice-and-Bake Cookie Set for the girls from Pea Pie Baby. (I found a special code on her site during the great cloth diaper hunt!) 🙂 I also want to get some laundry detergent from Crunchy Clean. So, I have done my job in supporting wahm! 🙂 Now to just get something from you 😉 lol

  4. camilyn


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