Usborne Books *Review & Giveaway*

***This Giveaway is now CLOSED Congrats to MoziEsmé who won***
Out of her house full of toys Amber has only one certain thing she’s ever interested in, and that’s her books! She loves to “read” them to herself, to have me read them, and just to sit and look through them. She even enjoys looking through Momma’s books and tries to say the letters.
She gets her love of books from me. Growing up I always had my nose stuck in one book or another, and still do whenever I get the chance. I’m sure I’ve read thousands of books in my lifetime, and still have a huge list that I want to read!
Out of all of her books Amber’s favorites are hands down the Usborne books that we own. Mellisa hosted a party for me when I was back home in August. I got a ton of wonderful books for Amber as a result!
In the video above you can see Amber reading First Picture Nature and First Colors as you can see she’s learned so much from both! Each time we read either of them she’s telling me a new word I had no idea she knew!
The only thing I would give you a heads up about Usborne is I alway buy “old” for Amber. They give you age guidlines and sometimes they’re good and other times I find that what they recommend for Amber’s age range is quite a bit bellow her. For example, the First Colors book is recommended for 2 and up and I we’ve been using it since she was 18 months old.  She’s a very smart little girl though. You know your child best so if you know they are in a higher comprehension range go ahead and buy older books, the same goes if you have a special needs child or a certain area your baby is having a harder time in. The age guidlines are just that, guidelines.
Usborne books are fun, colorful, and hold up extremely well! Amber adores all the Touchy-Feely books and Animal Hide and Seek is her current favorite book it’s touchy feely and has flaps! Jackpot!
Although Usborne books are extremely reasonably priced, as you’ll soon find out, who doesn’t love a good sale?! Usborne’s throwing a Black Friday sale beginning Thanksgiving Day at Noon (CST) through Monday 11/30 at Noon (CST). You can 40-60% off, these would make great Christmas gifts!!!
In addition to the fabulous sale Melissa has graciously offered to let one lucky reader choose their very own Usborne book!! that is $10 or under. The wonderful thing about Usborne is that out of the 1,400 books Usborne carries 80% are under $10!!!
So how can you win a wonderful book? I’m about to tell you!
But first I also wanted to share that Melissa has a monthly drawing on her website for $50 in free Usborne books!! Be sure to check it out as well!
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This Giveaway will end 12/2/09 at 10:00 p.m. EST
I will choose the winner via contact them via email and post them on this blog. They have 48 hours to claim their win before a new winner is chosen.
Good Luck!!!


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