I’ve gotten a few of these before in the mail, once for hairbows (I was a little girl, haha) and a few times for recipes. This time my mom-in-law sent me on for books! I decided it would actually be easier and probably more effective for me to share it on here! So here goes 🙂
This is an informal Book Club. There is no money involved so it is legal and fun. If you participate you should receive 36 books. It will be interesting to see where the books come from and what books you receive.
First: If you would like to participate leave me a comment letting me know and give me your email address. I’ll then send you my mom-in-laws address. Please send her a used book that you have already read and enjoyed.
Second: Make copies of this “letter” and send it to six of your reader friends (via blog, email, or snail mail!) Do not send them a book. Put my address on the back of the six letters. (I will give you my address as well when I email you. I’d ask that you do the same as this if you’re posting this publicly and wait to send my information in an email to people who are interested. If you’re emailing or doing snail-mail feel free to include it!) Be sure to include your address too! If you choose to do this via snail-mail a good idea is to include address labels.
I’d love it if I could get at least 6 people to do this!! It’s so cheap, since you’re sending a book you already have it only costs you the shipping, for me it was $2! Definitely more than worth it if you get even one book in return! 🙂
Thanks and happy reading!