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While we were down in South Carolina for my brother’s wedding my family and I were browsing books in a large store in the local mall.
My mom and I started a discussion about why, since babies were so enthralled with pictures of other  babies, and especially of themselves, there weren’t more books like that out there? The few the store had were cheap and the baby were quite funny looking to be honest!
It turns out we aren’t the only ones who had thought about this! Although Personal Child Stories did not start out by making baby/toddler books the “We Love You Just the Way You Are” book I bought for Amber for Christmas is most certainly is exactly what my mom and I had in mind last year!
Before I discovered PCS my mom and my both friend both found adorable photo board books that you just slipped baby pictures in that fit the story line. The one got extremely warped and messed up when a sippy cup leaked on it in the diaper bag, and the other was clearly not made by anyone with children as it had gorgeous illustrations and Bible verses but the pictures you put in were not covered, instead there was an attached sheet of wax paper between each page…yupp the pictures in there are crumpled to pieces and all the wax paper got ripped out.
Each PCS book is laminated and printed on heavy duty card stock so no worries about crumpling or little leaks!!! The larger books even include pages to color on!
Because this is a rather novel idea Shara has to combat a few misconceptions that arise from time to time so I will give you a run down of what PCS books are and are not. I’ll be linking to Shara’s own articles about them so be sure to check those out!
PCS books are not:
Scrapbooks ~ if you want a scrapbook that can be a wonderful keepsake and easily destroyed, see me!! 😉
Something that you can make ~ (you should really read this article, it’s great!!!)
Overpriced ~ see above article for why they’re not at all
PCS books are:
Learning tools that are clean and simple in design in order to enhance the teaching methods.
Virtually indestructible (well, if you shot it with a gun and left it in a swimming pool over night, maybe not, but they will stand up to a toddlers constant use!)
Completely personalized. Amber’s book was written to fit each of the specific pictures that we sent in. Even though Shara has a “We Love You Just The Way You Are” book she wrote for her daughter Amber’s is not the same.
Books that can teach everything from name recognition to numbers to self awareness to helping with specific behaviors or issues.
And I should also mention that Amber absolutely loves her book!!! It’s her only book that she has me read over and over right in a row, and since getting it I’ve read it at least once a day!!
Here’s a video so you can see  how great it is for yourself! (also we’ve had this book for just about a week and you can see that Amber’s already memorizing it!!!)
I also wanted to mention that Personal Child Stories has just been awarded the Preferred Product Award from
These books are really wonderful and I plan on getting more of them for Amber! Since I know you’re now dying to get one made for the child in your life be sure you get your Christmas orders into Shara this week! The latest she can accept them is December 10th as she puts a lot of time and effort into making each book perfect!


  1. SharaPCS

    LOL. I love the review and video. Thanks! Did you tell me you had posted this?? I found it while looking through your giveaways 🙂 Love ya!!

  2. Barbara Blalock

    I can’t get the video to work 🙁
    The article is perfect about Shara’s books! I even had the privilege of helping her make them. It is a lot of work and worth every penny that she asks for.

  3. SharaPCS

    Thanks Barb 🙂 You are always so good to me. Maybe your computer has a block on videos??

  4. Heidi Plummer

    That is so cute!!

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