A few months after we moved to NC we went out to dinner with one of Bob’s single co-workers. We’d been hanging out with him a lot and he mentioned that we seemed to have a really great relationship, then asked us both what the key to that is.
My answer was easy. “We’re best friends” I told him.
If you’ve been married awhile then you know that there will be times when your spouse (and let’s be honest, you) won’t look very good, won’t feel very good, won’t act very good. But you can cope with all of that if underneath everything else you’re playmates and buddies. If you’re used to laughing and having fun together, coping with the hard times that come is much easier!
Bob and I love hanging out with each other, love having fun together. You can keep this vital connection even when you have kids, and even if you can’t manage “date nights”. Bob and I have had just one date night since Amber was born! But I make sure she has an early bedtime so we get that vital reconnecting time. We laugh hysterically to The Office, veg out on our laptops, or just joke around.
Another relationship book that I’m currently reading so I can do a review for Thomas Nelson keeps talking about how important it is for guys to get “shoulder-to-shoulder” time in with their wives. Time where their wife just hangs out with them, doing whatever it is they like to do, without having to talk a lot, or at least not about anything deep. It’s as important to them as talking with them is to us.
So who’s your best friend? If you wouldn’t have immediately listed your hubby first, maybe it’s time to re-prioritize that list!