My life is filled with inspiration, I’m absolutely surrounded by it, so it’s only natural that it spills into my writing.
My main inspiration is my beautiful daughter. Anyone who’s ever had a child knows what an amazing, life changing miracle it is. She fills my day with sunshine and smiles, with giggles and kisses. I can’t help but gush about her as I write, because for now she is the center of my little world. The entire reason my blog was created was to keep friends and family up on her latest antics.
Writing is in my blood. My Grandma and Mom both worked for a newspaper as writers, my mom got her degree in journalism, and my Grandma is still writing for the Green River Star. It was only natural that some of their talent would filter it’s way down to me and although I’ve never written for a job, my love of writing is now expressed in the form of Ramblings By Nicole.
I’ve always been a “details” person. As a photographer you learn to focus in on the details that surround you that most people might miss. I get inspired on a daily basis by all the beauty that surrounds me, like this gorgeous bird house in my neighbor’s back yard.
I’m continually in a state of shock that over 200 people find my ramblings worth reading. I’m deeply humbled and inspired by each and every one of my readers. If it wasn’t for you there’d be no reason to write!
I could go on and on, but will end with the inspiration I find in my best friend. Best friends for over 10 years, she always knows exactly what to say to keep me going. She calls my blog her “daily cup of coffee”. It helps to have a biggest fan, and to know that even if no one else is caring what I write, she always will!