I should be doing reviews and giveaways……

BUT those things require effort…and this doesn’t..so here is a survery, lol.

1. If you had 10 dollars in your pocket right now, what would you do with it?

Give it to Bob so he wouldn’t pull cash out of the ATM. He’s terrible about doing that.

2. If you were to choose a new name for yourself, what would it be?
Perciville D. Buggy (LoL, private joke between me and my bff)

3. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your past and current relationships?
That they’re hard work and no matter how much you love some one they’re going to drive you absolutely nuts some times, but it’s all worth it in the end.

4. What’s one of your worst habits?
When I’m excited I get really loud.

5. What was the best day of the past week for you – why?
Uhhh…..I guess day before yesterday because my mom bought me plane tickets to come home in January 😀

6. What are you wearing today which is most reflective of who you are?
LoL, well I guess the holey t-shirt and sweats I’m wearing are extremely reflective of the fact I’m a tired, sick, preggo chick. 🙂 Normally I dress nice even when I don’t leave the house, haha.

7. Choose a unique item from your wallet and explain why you carry it around.
My military ID card, I feel special for having it. And I carry it around because it’s all sorts of important and lets me in where all you civilians can’t go 😉

8. If you could change one thing about your physical appearance what would it be and why?
Well normally the answer would be bigger boobs, less stretch marks, and get rid of my love handles. However the fact I’m pregnant completely nullifies this point and it will give me all of the above all over again, LoL!!!!

9. Share one of your most embarrassing moments.
I fainted during a Christmas Cantata I was in…yepp…just *BAM* passed out right there on stage. To top it off it was when I was a teenager and in front of a group of ppl I desperately wanted to impress. (The majority of whom I learned later on were a bunch of shallow mean jerk I shouldn’t have wasted my time or thoughts on, but at the time I was absolutely mortified.)

10. If you were given a million dollars and 24 hours to spend it in, (no depositing it in the bank or investing it) what would you buy?

A super nice house somewhere (not that we could live in it for 15 years but hey), a new car for Bob, and maybe one for me, pay off all our bills, pay off some of our parents bills and then I’m sure it’d be gone, lol.

11. What is your favorite food?
Right now the only things I can stomach are Goldfish, Pepsi, BLTs, Veggie Soup, and Chicken Bacon Ranch sub from Subway, so those things, lol.

12. What is your favorite drink?
Also has totally changed, now it’s Pepsi (which I used to only drink once in a blue moon) because it helps keep me from throwing up. (don’t worry I only drink a little, I’m super freaked out about getting too much caffiene, lol)

13. What is your favorite color?
Lately pink and purple, still do love blue though

14. What is your favorite book?
The Bible (duh) other than that my all time favorites will forever be the Anne of Green Gables Series by Lucy Maud Montgomery

15. Who is your favorite actor?
Don’t have one, I pretty much hate actors in general. Any time I read anything about one I thought I liked I end up disliking them. They’re a bunch of concieted liberals.

16. Who is your favorite author?
Lucy Maud Montgomery, Janette Oake, Jane Austen, and I think Ted Dekker is a crazy brilliant genius for The Circle Triology.

17. What is your favorite TV show?
The Office

18. What is your favorite song?
I always answer this by putting iTunes on random and picking the first 5 star song it plays….so today it’s:

Lost In The Moment by Big and Rich

19. How many pets do you have?

A big fat 0. The only thing we’d be allowed to have here is fish  and the gross disgusting water kills them off so we gave up. I have Amber and baby on the way though and that’s enough to keep me plenty busy and company!!!!

20. What do you look like?
Gorgeous!!! Duh! LoL I put up pictures of myself all the time, you know what I look like silly 😛

21. What race are you?
A whole lotta everything mixed together to make me look very white. I’m actually 1/4 Italian and 1/8 Spanish however.

22. What is your favorite website?
Well the 4 tabs I have open at all times are Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger.

23. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Chocolate with chocolate syrup!

24. What would your ideal woman/man be like?
I found that the person you end up with usually is nothing like what you pictured your “ideal man” to be, but is so much the better for it because you don’t know what you need, God does.

25. How many languages do you speak?
One, 4 times through Spanish and all I can remember is Me llamo Nicole. LoL!

26. What made you choose your screen name?
Well I always put **Nicole** to “sign” my name. I like having something a little more interesting than just typing out Nicole….see that just looks boring, lol.

27. What shampoo do you use?
I was using Avon but used Wen Conditioner lately and I LOVE it!!! Review (that I should be writing instead of this…you poor ppl are going to get bombarded this week as I play catch up…I’m apologizing right now…) anyways, review coming soon 🙂

28. Do you drink?
Water and Pepsi. I don’t drink alcohol, no. Not even when I’m not preggers.

29. Do you smoke?
Never even tried it and never ever will

30. Do you own a car?
Bob’s truck is paid off but my name isn’t on it (I don’t think….) and I’m on the Escape but we’re still paying it off.

31. Do you own a house?
Sadly no, but it would be beyond stupid to buy one when you move every 2-4 years in this market. So we will probably rent until Bob retires.

32. Do you prefer the city or the country?
I love my in-laws situation where they live in what seems like the middle of the country, but then you drive 20 minutes and you’re in the middle of everything. Something like that (if it exsisted in Wyoming, which it doesn’t but I’m dreaming here) would be my ideal, lol.

33. What is your most commonly used phrase on IM?
Nothing because I never, ever get on anymore.

34. Do you prefer talking or texting?
Talking in person and if you have a lot to say, texting if it’s something quick and fast. Texting is nice because you don’t have to interupt what you’re doing to talk.

35. Do you like reading?
Love it! I do it all day long, read emails, read blogs, read facebook, read books, read Amber books…read read READ!

36. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
Reading/Literature (big surprise)

37. What type of person are you, in your own words?
Very outgoing, try to be the best wife, best mother, and best friend anyone could have. I love life in general and am almost always optimistic. Get annoyed easily but it takes something huge to make me mad. Very passionate about everything, my likes, my dislikes…..

38. How would your friends describe you?
The best eva 😉 That’s what they tell me at least, probably (and hopefully) a lot of the above too. They’d say I like to talk a lot 🙂

39. What do you like to do for fun?
Lately it’s all things computer. Blogging, email, facebook, digital scrapping, picture editing. I also love to spend time with my family and friends, taking pictures, play with and read to Amber, bake, watch football and a few select tv shows, watch good movies, in Wyoming I love doing outdoor stuff summer and winter. Amusement parks and going to concerts are two of my favorite things ever!

40. Have you ever broken a bone?
Nope, I haven’t had any bad injuries caused by accidents in my life.

41. What would be your house of dreams?
Ooohhh, let’s see. I’ll say 5 bedrooms (I’m still pretending we’ll have 4 kids in all, lol) with a gorgeous master suite and bathroom with a huge soaking tub, 2 other bathrooms for the kiddos, huge kitches with stainless steel appliances, black granite countertops, cherry wood cabinets. A man cave and/or huge garage for Bob and a library for me, and a school room for the kiddos.

42. What does your name mean?
I think Victory of the People.

43. What do you value most in a person?
Somebody who is honest, trustworthy, and will love you no matter what. Somebody who always wants the best for you. Somebody who has the same faith and lives by it. <--Yepp, what Heather said 🙂 44. Where would you like to live?
WYOMING! But since there is no CG in Wyoming I will be happy and content with where ever God places us. (Oh, and for all of you who follow along with my HelpMeet study hubby (had to per the CG) resubmit his list and it went much better this time. We talked and compromised and my top pick made the top 5. Yey!!!)

45. Do you want to get married?
It seems unreal that by the time we have our next baby we’ll have been married for 5 years!!!! Where did the time go?!

46. Do you want to have kids?
I have kids (love getting to say the plural now) 😀 It was always my dream and it’s everything I could have every hoped for and then so much more!!!!!!!!

47. Do you have a personal website you would like people to visit?
You’re on it 😉 But if you want to go give Artistic Albums By Nicole some loving that would be nice too 🙂

48. What do you hate most in a person?
People who think they’re so self-important that they take things the wrong way when you were just trying to be nice. People who are fakely sickly sweet to your face and then slander you when you’re just a few feet away because they think you aren’t listening, people who lie to your face and then parade the fact they lied to you in front of your face like it didn’t even matter.

49. What is your favorite quote?
My favorite new one is “Families are like fudge, mostly sweet with just a few nuts”

50. Do you believe in God?
I don’t understand how anybody couldn’t! <--Amen to that! 51. Do you believe in Heaven?
Well believing in God would be a little silly if I didn’t

52. Do you believe in Hell?
Sure do…the Bible talks more about hell than heaven. <--Again what Heather said (we're bffs for a reason!) 53. Do you believe in the devil?
Again, would be silly to believe in Hell if I didn’t

54. What is your favorite animal?
Today I will say a Red Panda…they’re so stinking cute, I want one! LoL.

55. What is your phobia?
I just hate hate hate needles and getting my blood drawn

56. Do you like MTV?
It’s filled with the most mindless programming imaginable. Any time I’ve watched anything on there I’ve felt my brain slowly turning to mush.

57. Do you like VH1?
See above, but not quite as bad…almost though…

58. Are you an early riser?
*Laughs hysterically*

59. What is your dream profession?
Being a stay-at-home mommy who runs a scrap-for-hire business. Woo Hoo! Lucky me!!!!

60. What was the most exciting moment of your life?
I was bouncing off the walls excited about getting married, so I’ll have to go with that 😀

Becoming a parent was such an amazing experience, but it was the worst day of my life rolled into the best day, and by the time she finally came I was in too much pain and exhausted to be excited. I was basically just relieved that it was over and we both made it out ok.

61. What was the most frightening moment of your life?
When Amber was choking at my parents house. Nothing like those babies to give you a heart attack!!!!

62. What book would you recommend for others to read?
A great series that has mass appeal would be The Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker. Everyone from my 2 brothers to me to my mom to my teenage sister all loved the books.

63. Do you have allergies?
Cats, Sulfa, radishes

64. What is your best physical feature?
Guys always said my rear end, LoL!!! I like to think my smile, eyes, and mouth though 🙂

65. How many countries have you traveled?
Just the US, but I’ve been to 30+ states 🙂

66. Have you ever had your heart broken?
Yes, but then he fixed it and I ended up marrying him 🙂

67. Have you ever broken one?
Lots, lol!!! I’m afraid I was a bit of heartbreaker as a teen. I didn’t mean to be and tried my best not to string guys along but somehow they always liked or loved me when they just weren’t supposed to!!!

68. What is your middle name?

69. Are you superstitious?
About the extent I get is jokingly “knocking on wood” 🙂

70. What do you think will happen to you in 10 years?
We’ll be who knows  where with an 11 year old, a 9 year old probably one or two more kids, and Bob will be 5 years away from retiring! (from the CG at least 🙂 )

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  1. karen

    wow, where did you find the time to fill this out!?! LOL
    I’m totally with you on #7, 22, 41, and 43! 😉

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