Week 9 Update ~ And Ramblings

Yes I know…de ja vu! You thought last week was week 9 of my pregnancy, well, I did too. LoL.
But it turns out that this week is actually week 9 of my pregnancy and my official due date is July 21st.
I found this out during my confirmation ultra-sound today. Got to see dear little blob baby and his (I’m beginning to feel that this is a little boy, could definitely be wrong but I just knew Amber was a girl and I wasn’t wrong there…so we’ll see 🙂 ) heartbeat. Such a precious moment! Can’t wait till I get to hear it!! Hubby confiscated blobbies picture to go show it off at work (how cute is that?!) But I’m hoping to get it scanned in later so you can see my precious little grape.
Everything else went good, I haven’t gained or lost weight, which is good. And even the “head-to-toe” exam wasn’t as bad as normal.
On the downside I puked my guts out (since there was nothing but guts to puke as I hadn’t eaten anything) this morning right before the Drs. apt.
At least I know that it’s more than worth it right?! Not looking forward to an 18 hour car ride feeling like I do, nor do I want to spend our entire vacation curled up on the in-laws couch. (many ppl would probably love the excuse but I happen to adore my in-laws and want to enjoy the time with them!)
So I’m pulling out all the stops. I’m stocking up on Pepsi, goldfish, and bought vitamin B6 and ginger today. I’m also going to get some sour candys and suckers.
Any other tried and true make you feel better when your preggers remedies anyone has out there?! I’ve decided that if this doesn’t go away by the end of the first trimester I’ll ask the doctor about medicine. Last time I was all paranoid about taking anything while  I was pregnant, and kept telling myself, “Hang on it’ll just go away.” By month 9 I was still nauseous consistently though. Not this time! In order to help my family function and me function I’ll do what I can to be safe, and feel better!!!
and now on to ramblings…
(no that was the pregnancy update, ok so I rambled a little but I’m pregnant so……)
Give the poor sick preggo lady a break! Because the ppl at the bank didn’t today. We had the sweetest little po-dunk bank that we used to cash checks that would come in for me from time to time that was just down the street. (our main bank, who claims to be a national branch, really isn’t as national as they claim to be, but everything in the world is drafted in and out of it so we just like to leave it be)
Anywho! sweet little po-dunk bank where everyone knew my name and Amber and asked about us all the time got bought out by mean big bank who is across the city and not convenient. Last time I went to cash a check I discovered little po-dunk bank all boarded up and a sign directing me to go to big mean bank. So today I finally broke down and went to big mean bank.
I recently participated in an online contact study for Focus Forward and got $125 out of it (pretty awesome! Go check them out!)
So I go to see if I can cash the check because we haven’t activated our new cards and all that shenanigans they sent us when po-dunk bank got bought out.
The lady asks for my social…..and my mind goes blank. Zip, zero, nadda. As a military spouse I use Bob’s social for 99.5% of everything I do. I could probably rattle it off backwards if nessicary. I can’t remember the last time I was asked for my social. I sit there looking stupid and so she finally looks up the account by my name. Thankfully in the middle I remember and ramble mine off to her. (She already checked my id so she knew I was me, but she was acting weird that I couldn’t remember my social)
So then she starts asking why we haven’t been using the account, how she can’t cash a check if there’s not that much money in the account, and who on earth the company is (like it’s all sounding fishy to her.)
If this was little po-dunk bank I’d be out with my money. Instead I’m trying to make an online study group not sound scammy and keep Amber from darting into back offices to tell ppl hello.
I mean, it’s not like she was mean and I probably looked stupid. But I got up early, am sick, have major preggo brain, and a crazy 2 year old.
Can we be nice to the poor lil preggo lady please?!
P.S. Yankee Candle wants $21.50 for one of their on the small side of little candles!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I scream hi-way robbery??!!!! Not wonder I always buy from my aunt and uncle’s company Sage Creek Candles, their stuff is so much better anyways!


  1. mom2boys

    Awe Nicole, I didn’t know you were expecting. 🙂 Congrats! That’s wonderful and so exciting!

    I hope everyone stops giving you a hard time. And That morning sickness passes quickly!

    Again Congrats! 🙂

  2. Ms. Sarah

    i loved preggie pops got them at bru. Hope you are feeling better soon. I would be looking for a new po-dunk bank. I refuse to work with bank of america and few of the others.

    have a safe trip

  3. Beautifully Inspired

    Well happy 9 weeks! How exciting!!! Im sorry to hear about the big mean bank.. Im not a fan of those banks either!!

    Have a wonderful and safe trip, I will say a prayer (or two) for your travels.




  4. Heather

    When we moved back to Rock Springs, the US Bank here was like that. The one in Green River was so nice and friendly and some of them had known Derek literally all his life (they even gave us wedding gifts!). I only would go into the one here once a month to cash my paycheck. They weren’t friendly…just grouchy ladies. Then after I’d been doing this for a good 6 months, one of the tellers (who I’d been going to each time) asks if I have an account there because otherwise she can’t deposit the check…the account number was on the back of the check!

    Needless to say, they have new ppl who actually are wonderful now, but I feel your pain.

    And yay about seeing the baby 🙂

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