I had such grand visions going into this holiday season. I was going to bake goodies galore and feast upon good things!!!
And then morning sickness happened.
And even when I was feeling well enough to eat something anything rich or sugary sweet was completely unappetizing to me.
What on earth is up with that??!!!
As a result I kept putting off doing my review of the wonderful Christmas Cookie Cutters I got from Cheap Cookie Cutters.
Now it’s the middle of January, and the thought of sugary rich cookies still turns my stomach.
So while I wanted to bring you pictures of goodies galore the cutesty cutters themselves will have to suffice!
These are such nice cookie cutters!!! Heavy duty and won’t rust in the dish washer! Not to mention how cute they are!
Lucky for you, just because Christmas is over it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun! Cheap Cookie Cutters has year round cutters! They have everything from Star Wars to United States to Batman cookie cutters! So go on over and check out their wonderful selection!
Happy Baking!