Created to be His Help Meet Chapter 6

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom”
Proverbs 9:10
I find Debi’s thoughts on having the fear of the Lord very interesting. Most messages I’ve heard preached on it do talk about it as a reverential awe. But I do agree that in some aspects we are to literally fear the Lord. To realize that He is holy and just and if we don’t do what we should do then there will be consequences, sometimes dire ones.
None of us wants to grow up to be a crazy, bitter, nutty lady. Yet if you are continually discouraged, mad, or unhappy about how your life is playing out right now that’s exactly what you’re setting yourself up for. Happiness is deeply rooted in thankfulness and each and every single one of us has so many things to be thankful for! A wonderful easy way to make thankfulness a true part of  your every day life is to write down 10 (new) things every day that you’re thankful for. It really doesn’t take long. I do it as a part of my devotions. It can be everything from the big to the little stuff. Here’s today list from my devotions to give you an example:
  • Feeling better today
  • Online Friends
  • Lipton Noodle Soup (helps me to feel better)
  • Heat for the house
  • Almost caught up with laundry
  • Close relationship with my mom
  • Lots of books left to read
  • God’s daily provision
  • The orders I’ve been getting for my business
  • Sleep

I got this idea from the MUIB leader Jenn, you can find her blog here. Making the list really is wonderful and I plan to keep it up all year!!

One thing that really stuck out to me in this chapter was the part about how important it is not to be your husband’s conscience, or “Holy Spirit”. I’ve seen this in just about every single Christian wife book I’ve read. It’s so easy to point out to your hubby when he’s doing something wrong, all because you’re trying to “help”. I know I’ve done it many times, and I really did have good intentions. It doesn’t help though, it makes you sound like a nag and causes him to bristle up in defense. Next time instead of spouting off what you learned last Sunday and how he’s not doing it, pray for him. Trust God to do His job and pray that your husband will be receptive to His work.

If you’re following along I’d love any comments, suggestions, questions, or anything else you might have! If you are blogging about this on your own blog be sure to leave the link in the comments so I can come see your insights for the week!

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  1. Heather

    You need comments:

    So here is my list:
    I am thankful for:
    1. My new washer and dryer that is very quiet.
    2. My MIL moved out and has left us alone.
    3. I have a job that allows me to take a month off work during Christmas and still get paid 😀
    4. A wonderful husband that doesn’t laugh (too hard) at all the stupid chic shows I watch.
    5. For wonderful friends and family.
    6. A heater in my non-insulated bedroom that warms it up really well!
    7. Good books
    8. My furry kids
    9. My house
    10. A great life

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