17 Week Update

Lil Baby ~ is now the size of a small beanie baby! He/she is quite active, I’ve been feeling wiggles for a few weeks already! All systems are go, and now one of the main things that’s left is putting on that baby fat so I have adorable cheeks to kiss.
Momma ~ Is doing much MUCH better thanks to amazing Zofran. If I don’t take it right away I still feel super nauseous, one day in Wyoming I waited a little while before taking it and ended up throwing up. Looks like this morning sickness is sticking around after all, but at least this way I can still feel good 😀
Only gained 1 lb. this time, woo hoo! That made me super happy since it’ll make up for my first trimester weight gain.
They tortured me with needles again, blah! This will be the last screening process (this is the one where they check for Down Sydrome and other chromosonal abnormalities) though and once we have the ultra-sound we’ll know we have a healthy, happy baby in there! Getting SO anxious to find out whether we get blue or pink again. Only 2 weeks to go!!!
Daddy ~ is making sure I drink/eat right. Keeps harping on me about caffeine, but it’s good to know he cares 🙂 He can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going and was in shock when I reminded him the ultrasound is so close 🙂
Amber ~ still doesn’t really get it but today when I showed her my round belly and told her there was a baby she leaned down close and said “Hi baby!!!” 🙂 Excited to see what her reaction to the ultrasound will be 🙂 Today since I got my blood drawn she keeps saying “Mommy owie!! Mommy owie! Lotion!” Her big thing lately is needing me to put lotion on all her owies. This started out because most of the time her “owies” are eczema related so I tell her I’ll put lotion on them to make them better. Now every owie needs lotion on it, guess it’s her alternate to the magic bandaid, lol!!!


  1. The Bundy's

    You look great! I’m glad everything is going well. I’m predicting BLUE! (I’m never right tho)

  2. Vince | UPrinting

    It’s good to have a husband that cares for you.For sure your baby gonna be healthy. Good luck with your pregnancy.

  3. Heidi Plummer

    Yea! It sounds like you’re doing great!!!

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