Far Away Friends and Books

I’m constantly amazed at all that technology today allows us to do. Because of Facebook I’m able to stay in touch with everyone back home and other people I haven’t seen or talked to since elementary school! Ever since starting my business and joining several Christian Mom’s Business sites such as Christian Moms Business Resource (formerly Really Working From Home), Living My Moment, Mommy Perks, and Mom’s United In Business online friendships have taken on a whole new dimension. People that I’ve never met in “real life” are quickly becoming my fast friends. I talk to many of them on a daily basis through Facebook and Twitter. We enter each other’s giveaways and comment on each other’s articles.
Through one of these sites I found Donna’s blog and started following her, or vice-versa. I can’t really remember now. I thought her books looked adorable and thought her blog was a good read as well. We never talked, just followed each other through the blog world.
When Donna read my post about Amber turning 2 (no doubt noting the part where I talked about her loving books and not being crazy about toys) she left me the sweetest comment about it and said that she wanted to send Amber one of her books as a birthday gift. It touched me so much that someone I’d never met or even really talked to would make such a sweet and thoughtful gesture!
A few days later Orville Wright Caterpillar appeared at our house. Donna had written the sweetest note inside to Amber and autographed it, and it’s just about the cutest books ever! It’s about this adorable little caterpillar who wishes he could fly, and by getting saved and following God’s leading he’s able to do just that 😀 So sweet!
Thanks so much Donna, and all of my far away friends who mean so much to me, even though I have never met you!!!


  1. Donna Perugini

    Nicole, you are so welcome. Thank you for your thoughtful note. I’m glad that Amber likes her new friend, Orville. I love introducing children to him 🙂

    It’s wonderful to be able to meet ‘trustworthy’ people online. I’d read so much about the negative side (which can be true).

    I’d recommend people leave comments on bloggers sites. Nicole writes above the comment box on her site, “Leave me some love and I will leave you some!” She certainly does!

  2. Tracie

    So sweet!!!

  3. Vince | UPrinting

    There is really a big opportunity that you will meet others over the internet. But what is more amazing is that you can find good friends and I mean really good friends that will be there for you for a lifetime.

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