Songbird Under a German Moon by Tricia Goyer *Review*

My very favorite genre to read is Christian Romance Historical Fiction. I just love it! So when I found out I had the chance to get sent a copy of Songbird Under A German Moon to review I was super excited! I was even more excited when I got the opportunity to interview the author, Tricia Goyer! Here’s my interview with her, and then I’ll tell you about her wonderful book!
1. What inspired you to write Songbird Under a German Moon?
I came up with idea when Susan, an amazing author from Summerside asked me if I’d be interested in writing a retro, historical novel. The first idea that popped into my mind was a story I’ve been wanting to write for a while about USO singers. Ever since I started researching WWII I wanted to write about the entertainers who risked their lives to bring a little joy to the soldiers. I knew I wanted it to be in Germany after the end of the war. Songbird Under a German Moon came to mind, and the title stuck.
2. What is your favorite book that you have written?
 I can’t say I have a favorite book. That would be like having a favorite child! LOL. I cried more when I was writing Night Song than any other book. It was a moving experience to write about children in WWII.
3. What authors do you admire and read?
Oh, there are so many! I love Francine Rivers, Robin Jones Gunn, Susan May Warren, Robin Lee Hatcher, Bodie Thoene, Marlo Schalesky to name a few!
4. My sister is very interested in pursuing writing as a career. What advice would you give to her as a high school student?
First, join an online writing group. If she’s interested in fiction I highly recommend … they have online classes, an email loop and a conference. Which is my second recommendation. Attend a writers conference! I HIGHLY recommend Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference. And ACFW’s conference, too. The teaching, connection with other authors, and face time with editors can’t be beat! Finally, read LOTS of books about writing. Her local library should be full of them. Or on-line writing blogs! Tons of great info!
5. What one thing would you like your readers to walk away from Songbird Under a German Moon with?
I’d like readers to have a better understanding of what it was like at the end of WWII. The war was “won” but the danger wasn’t over. There were many people in transition and folks who were still risking their lives. It’s a part of history many don’t know about. Also, I’d like to remind readers that we need to seek God in “good” times as well as bad ones.
I found in intriguing that the setting of the book was Germany post WWII. Although parts of the story were what you would expect from a Christian romance, there were many twists and turns that I did not expect at all! I’m usually good at “calling” things and was very surprised by a few things, which made the book very interesting to me! I really enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down! As a result I read it very quickly. I would highly recommend it, it’s a fun, easy read, as well as being informational too.
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    Wow this is really cool! I want to read the book now. 🙂 I think it’s awesome that you got to interview her! And I feel honored that you asked for advice for me. 🙂 I’m definitely going to have to take some of her advice! Thanks!

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