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Potty Training Woes? A Little Peer Pressure is All You Need!
When my son turned 2 1/2 I thought it was time to start potty training. I read up on everything I could, talked to my friends who had successfully completed the task, and spent a load of money purchasing rewards to have in place for little victories. Boy was I confident! We made a big deal out of going potty. We even let his Grandma in North Carolina watch online via “Skype” as our son tried for his very first poop on the big boy potty! LOL! (probably a little too much information, but since the majority of you are moms like me, you totally get what I’m saying!)
We waited. And waited….and waited. Nothing happened. My son sat on his potty for nearly an hour reading a Veggie Tales book. Still nuthin.’ Grammie was getting bored on Skype. So much for our mini potty party! We tried the promise of rewards and parties every few hours for nearly a week. And while my son thought it was exciting and fun to talk about, he never actually did anything in the potty! He loved all the attention, though!
I decided to take a break after our concentrated effort and give it a little time. I was disappointed but determined to try again in a few weeks.
Not long after that, my friend asked if I could watch her 3 year old for several days as she started a new job. I happily accepted and was excited that my son would have a friend to play with for a few days in a row. My friend’s toddler was potty trained and would tell me several times throughout the day when it was time to go to the potty. My son was listening!
Then MY SON started asking to go potty…and something actually happened! That was the beginning of the end. He’s been going potty wonderfully ever since. He just needed a little peer pressure!


  1. From Tracie

    A little good peer pressure…..nice!

  2. ThingsToDoWithKids

    Good to hear! I am taking notes. My son is approaching 2 and I know potty training is just around the corner from that.

  3. karen

    Man, I wish I had someone with a lil girl already potty trained, this sounds like it would work for my girls!!!

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