Today’s guest blog is coming from my friend Jaimin who has the blog DeHart Haven. I love reading her stories about her adorable and smart kiddos! Be sure to drop by and say hello!
Everywhere I look there are reminders that I am somebody’s mom. The toys that litter the front room, alphabet magnets on the fridge, pictures on the walls, the 2 rooms down the hall; one for a girl, one for a boy, the car seats in the car. Some days it’s so surreal that I have two children! I hear the words, mama, mom, mommy on a daily…make that an hourly basis. This job is not for the faint of heart. I have been very blessed with a supportive husband, to be able to stay at home with our little munchkins. We have definitely had to pinch pennies, but God has always taken care of us with the help of our wonderful families.

It was definitely a change going from no kids to having one, but two was a bit of an adjustment. Learning to split your time between two children has proven a bit more challenging. There are the obvious differences between a boy and a girl and both have their needs, their different personalities, but you learn something new with each child. It’s fun to see them interact with one another. My son is very sweet with his little sister. He still likes to try and hold her, even though she’s almost one! He also tries to parent her when he sees her do something she shouldn’t be doing, or getting into his toys. And of course, there are the sibling squabbles that are so much fun to listen to. Granted, my daughter isn’t talking in full on sentences, but she sure can holler with the best of them! Life with two children has been very interesting and tiring at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!