I’ve always been the kind of person who can usually guess what will happen at the end of a book or movie. With “chick flick” books (as I like to call them) it’s usually pretty easy to know who is going to end up with who, and you wouldn’t like it if it ended differently. One of the things I really, really love about Bridegrooms is that the entire book I had no idea how it would end, and really couldn’t decide how I wanted it to. The main character, Vada, is so conflicted that you as a reader feel the conflict right along with her! Of course it being historical fiction made it win big brownie points as well, along with the unique aspect of a family who’s mother had left. I love that it follows the story of each of the four girls in the family, and that each ends up with her own version of happily ever after. Another factor I really enjoyed was all the different kinds of forgiveness that were shown, and how it reflects the way God forgives us!

I really, really enjoyed reading this book and would highly recommend it to anyone! Happy reading!

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group