Bare Escentuals Mascara *Review* (and my fab new haircut as well!)

I am super duper picky when it comes to mascara! It seems like no matter which brand I try or what kind I get I’m always disappointed! I can’t stand clumpy goopy lashes or stuff that flakes! I have always heard great things about Bare Escentuals so I was really excited to get to try out their bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara! I wasn’t disappointed! You probably remember the Giveaway I hosted for it awhile ago. I really love this mascara! It goes on easily and does not clump or flake at all and it makes my eyes really pop and my lashes look long and fabulous! (as you can see above 😉 ) The only tiny problem I had with it was when it was brand new I had a hard time not smudging my top lid when applying it because it was so slick and my preggo hand is quite clumsy, haha! Now that I’ve had it for awhile though I’m not having this problem anymore. I will most definitely be buying this mascara again and would definitely recommend giving it a try! I honestly like it as well if not better than any other brand I’ve ever tried, and light years better than the last few bottles I’ve had–which has been everything from Wal*Mart specials to designer tubes!
(P.S. How do you like my fabulous new haircut?!?! I got it for my Mother’s Day present right before we left NC. I love it but haven’t been able to get it to look like the picture above since I washed it, haha. Why is it that it looks SO much better when they do it at the salon??? I seriously want a beautician to come do my hair for me every day!!!) 😉


  1. From Tracie

    Your hair is awesome!!

    I would love to have a beautician come do my hair each day….it would probably stand a chance of staying out of the ponytail if that happened!

  2. Heather

    Have you tried Stiletto mascara from Maybelline? That’s what I use and really liked it. Except I don’t think I like the water-proof part of it since it’s really hard to get off lol!

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