34 Weeks & Decisions

After a bit of hassles I was finally able to get a new OB and hospital! My first appointment with him was today-exactly on my 34 week mark, which works out great since now is when I need to start going in every week! Very thankfully my new OB seems absolutely great and all the girls on staff are very sweet also. Not to mention they offer free prenatal massages to their patients–can we say major score???!! I have one set up for 2 weeks from now and I just can’t wait!!!!
Everything continues to go well for Tyler and me! I’m still dealing with morning sickness (blah) but it’s not been severe enough for me to ask the Dr. for a new prescription. Since I’m so far along I’d like to stop taking the Zofran if possible! Been having really nasty heartburn lately and popping Tums like candy, lol! As you can see above I’m starting to get HUGE as well!
While we were down in NC I wasn’t going to be given the option of having a natural birth. There if you have a C-section you’re required to have another, so that’s been my mindset this entire pregnancy. Up here, however, VBACs are allowed–so now I have a huge decision  ahead of me and I have no idea what to do! Hubby thinks I should try for a natural birth but there are such pros and cons to each I’m having a hard time deciding. I would love to have only a few days of recovery time vs. 6 weeks of barely being able to move, especially now that I have a toddler as well! On the other hand my worst fear is going through what happened when I had Amber again (24 hours of labor, 3 hours of painful pushing all to end in an emergency c-section). Anyone out there been in the same position???? Any helpful stories or suggestions are greatly appreciated!! 🙂


  1. Made by Michelle

    Were you induced the first time? Induction often means being put on the fast track to a C-section. If your body is not ready and is being forced to dilate, then the chance for problems will significantly increase.

    If you weren’t induced, perhaps your fear kept you from relaxing enough to progress properly. You need to believe in yourself and your body! Labor is a mind game. You will not die from the pain. Keep telling yourself that you can do it, keep calm, one contraction at a time, you can do it… And breathe slowly in and out. In 4 counts, out 4 counts. You can actually get yourself completely relaxed while in labor and without meds. I’ve done it 3 times!

    Also, remember that a first delivery isn’t easy for anyone! Your body has never been stretched and pulled in that way. Each delivery can be easier because you’ve been there before. Even though you didn’t get all stretched out from a vaginal delivery the first time, you’ve made it through one process, so you can feel confident that you can get through another one! Believe in yourself!

    “We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that WOMEN ARE STRONG.” (Laura Stavoe Harm)

  2. The Fambros

    Nicole, we were totally planning on a VBAC even a homebirth!! I think that the horrible part about the c-sec was not being prepared for the possiblity. If you are anything like me the idea of a c-sec didn’t even come close to the birth plan and afterwards I swore off the thought of having anymore because the sec was soo horrid. I know you are strong and would do absolutely fabulous in a natural birth setting. I made some fabo friends in FL who specialize in all of that so if you wanna give me a call and chat I am right here!! Yay for your dr for suggesting it to you too!

  3. mimilovesall8

    Hey- I just started following you and I love your Blog site!
    I was reading about your decision to have natural childbirth or not, well I did it 3 times (–in the 70’s we had no other option! lol)—and it was well worth it! To say it didn’t hurt would be lieing but it is the way God designed it to be so it will go faster than you think.I remember thinking when would it be over and then -finally-it was! And then -the best part–no more pain! My 2 daughters both had epiderals and my youngest daughter swears to never have one again. I guess childbirth isn’t easy any way you go about it but hey –it sure is worth it in the end!
    I just started blogging and could sure use some followers . I grabbed your button. Thanks and good luck with the baby! mimilovesall8

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