Embracing Summer Reading

As many of you know by now, Amber loves books so encouraging her to read is no problem at all! This summer has been so busy crazy for us that I’ve really had to make squeezing reading time in a priority! Here are some of my tips and tricks on how to make reading an important part of every day!
Make reading a part of your daily routine! Amber gets a minimum of 4 books read to her each day because she gets 2 books as part of her before nap routine and 2 books as part of her bedtime routine. If you’re a parent you know how helpful routines can be, especially before sleep times, and books just fit naturally into place here! Some of my most favorite memories come from remembering my mom reading to us before bed every night. This is a ritual you can have with very “big kids” along with babies and toddlers!
Keep books everywhere and have them easily accessible! I have 5 or 6 little board books from Chick-fil-a kids meals (seriously brilliant on their part–finally a “happy meal” toy that is actually worth something and won’t be thrown away a week later!!!) that I keep in Amber’s diaper bag and when we’re in the car, shopping, down town, etc I’ll pull them out and let her read them. This keeps her entertained and shows her you can enjoy books anywhere! At home all her books are in a forward facing canvas bookcase that I got from CSN. I love that she can reach the books and see which ones she has to choose from and this makes it easy for her to just go grab one to flip through whenever she feels like it!
Use books to help motivate and for special situations. As many of you also know we’re in the potty training phase right now! The Potty Tots book along with an Elmo Can Go Potty board book with sounds have been huge in Amber’s success! I read them to her before hand to help get her used to the idea, and used them while potty training so that we would have something to do while we were “waiting” in the bathroom for something to happen! Books can be irreplaceable for things like this!
Be sure they see you reading too! As smart as Amber is she’s not quite reading adult chapter books yet (lol). As you can see from the picture above, however, that’s exactly what she’s pretending to be reading! Since around last summer she has been extremely interested in whatever I’m reading and wants to “read” it as well. Instead of telling her she can’t read them I encourage her to flip through the pages, look at the many words and realize that Mommy thinks her books are interesting even without pictures! I hope this will help imprint my love of reading onto her mind and help her keep growing and developing her own love throughout the years!
Happy reading!
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  1. Donna Perugini

    Really good post, Nicole! I do believe you have ‘nailed it’!

    The area overlooked by many other postings I’ve seen about ‘you, your child and literacy’ is your last point….let them see you reading; let them look in your book; point out that you find your books interesting without a lot of pictures.

    Nice one, Nicole! 🙂

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