All Free Clear & How to Have Your Second Child *Review & Giveaway*

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I was *so* excited when I found out I was going to get to do a review of All Free Clear! Want to know why? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret! This is actually the laundry detergent I’ve been using for over a year now! So basically by doing a review I was just getting a free bottle of my detergent–Yey! Is that cheating??? I don’t really think so, I mean–who is better to give you a complete review than someone who’s been using a product for over a year right?!
As I’ve mentioned before during Amber’s nasty eczema flair up we finally narrowed the main trigger down to the laundry detergent I was using. At first I switched to Dreft but since it’s SO stinking expensive I had to wash Amber’s clothes separately from all of ours making for a ton of laundry plus the fact I had to buy 2 kinds of detergent every time we went shopping, it got to be a huge pain!
That’s when a friend of mine whose daughter also has severe eczema told me about All Free Clear. She said her dermatologist recommended it, it was half the price of Dreft, and it worked! Everything she said was true and I’ve used it ever since! Although I have tried other detergents and products that work for Amber’s delicate skin All is by far the cheapest, most effective combination! Plus it’s super easy to buy since you can find it in any major store anywhere. I use it to wash all our clothes in and I would highly recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin, babies, and especially if your kiddo has eczema!
I also was sent How to Have Your Second Child First by Kerry Colburn to review. I loved this book! As I’m about to have my second child all the bits of advice and wisdom made me laugh and nod and brought back great (and some not so great!) memories and helped remind me what all I’m about to be diving into again! I am planning on buying this as a baby gift in the future for sure! I think it would be so much more useful than any other baby book I’ve read because it actually tells you what life with a baby is REALLY like!
Because I am a “veteran” mom I decided I would give you a few of my own tips and tell you about which ones in the book were my favorite that I could relate to so well!
* Little babies are notorious for having “blow outs” you might not be able to imagine that gorgeous little princess you brought home can cover her entire back in poop-well think again! The very first time this happens switch up to the next size of diapers-regardless of what the weight limit is-it will save you many nasty, poopy outfit changes! (learned this the hard way!!)
* Even if your worst fear of labor and delivery comes true (mine was being in labor for forever and then having an emergency c-section, yepp sure enough it happened) as long as in the long term you and your baby are ok that is all that will matter to you and you just might be crazy enough to try it all again way before you think you will!
* One of my favorite heads up in the book was about “the witching hour” When Amber was around 1-3 months old she would scream non-stop every night for about an hour for no apparent reason. It was long enough for her to be considered a “colicky” baby, but it was long enough for me to about lose my mind. How I wish I’d known that this “witching hour” was completely normal, that almost all kiddos experience it, and some of the tips they gave in the book. What worked for her was playing a sweet, soft piano song over and over and over and over (seriously, I think the play count on my iTunes is up in the thousands….) and taking her outside. There was something about the cool night air that usually worked like a charm!
* I have always loved being a mom! While I hear many moms complain about going nuts staying at home, watching kiddy shows, doing the mundane tasks over and over again this has never, ever been the case for me! I didn’t have a touch of baby blue–never cried once or felt depressed after Amber was born.
That being said there was one point after Amber was born that I remember as clearly as if it happened yesterday. It happened somewhere in that first 3 months that are now an indistinct fog. I don’t even remember why we were having a rough day or what was going on but I do remember that for one brief terrifying moment I thought, “I don’t think I like being a mom as much as I’m supposed to, what if I don’t love doing this like I always thought I would???!!!!” I nearly had a panic attack. All my life the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do is be a stay at home mom. The thought I might not love every second was horrible! It passed as quickly as it came on and as I said-I’ve loved every moment since! Thinking something like this at some point is completely normal and I think it’s SO important to realize that we all have these moments-even if it’s just once!!! 
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