Bath and Body Works Yellow Dot Sale

I had a really good day today! Found a $5 bill laying on the ground with no one in sight, cooked some tasty cookies, and ate chocolate while watching fireworks all while sitting on my balcony.
What really topped off my day though was the huge stash I got at Bath and Body Works! Right now they’re having their yellow dot sale going on and I was able to get all of the above items for $20!!!! That’s just $2 a piece for full sized bottles! You can’t even get the cheapest Wal*Mart generic brands for that price! I figured out that I saved $80–woo hoo! Plus they’re all scents I love. Nothing makes me happier than finding an awesome deal and this one is an amazing one! So if you have a BBW near you definitely go check them out before the sale ends on Monday! Happy shopping!


  1. Nichol

    I was just at my local Bath and Bodyworks today and picked up 3 bottles of lotion. They were only $3.00 here….should have got more but didn’t. Such a great deal:)

  2. From Tracie

    Gotta love a great sale….and found money! Nice.

    Hope you had a wonderful 4th!

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