I was so excited when I got the chance to review Divanomics from Tyndale House Publishers. As a stay at home (recently become work at home mom) in a family of soon to be 4 making hubbies lower ranking military paycheck stttrrreeetttcchhh is a valuable trait to have! I’m all about learning “how to still be fabulous when you’re broke”!
Unfortunately I felt that this book didn’t really help me do that! Michelle is coming from a lifestyle that I will never be a part of, and ended up dropping out of it based on some foolish decisions on her part mixed with the rotten economy. As I read the first several chapters in which she describes all of this I kept thinking, “Ok…so we get it, you were rich-now you’re broke-when are we getting to the good tips and tricks?!” She did eventually get there but virtually every single thing she talked about fell into the “been there, done that” category for me. Although it was all great, wonderful advice for someone who’s been rich and has never had to stop and think where each penny is going before, as someone who’s never had extra money lying around I felt like I could honestly write a book with more and better “how to save money” tips in it. She did list several websites I hadn’t hear of with resources on them and I plan on checking out, and for that reason alone I will probably keep the book.
So if you’re a fabulous single girl who’s used to buying Christian Dior, has her own accountant and is suddenly down on her luck–buy all means pick up this book.
For the rest of us I’d recommend reading your favorite Frugal Living Blog for the most unique ideas and tips on how to stretch your dollar!