Call me old fashioned, but being raised Independent Baptist I’m a KJV girl at heart! When I saw the beyond adorable pink camo of the Operation Worship Homefront Edition that Tyndale House Publishers sent me to review, I had to admit I loved it!!!!
There are several things that I find great about this Bible other than how adorable it is! I really like the compact size which makes it easy for anyone to keep it close and handy and is great for travelling. I also like that all the resources are in the front of the Bible instead of the back like normal. You can tell this Bible was designed to be given to unbelievers and the publishers did their very best to include the plan of salvation in the first few pages, and then provide valuable resources such as “What is the Bible All About” and a section that provides verses that deal with common areas in today’s world like Depression, Outward Looks, Hell, and more.
As I mentioned before I’m a KJV girl but I was pleased with the sections that I read and felt that someone who hadn’t grown up reading God’s Word would be able to clearly understand this translation and it still retained all the essence and meaning of the KJV. I also really liked that it broke the chapters into a paragraph layout, while still notating the verses, so that it would beĀ easier to read and comprehend for someone who wasn’t use to a verse by verse format of reading.
I would highly recommend this as a gift for any military spouse, girlfriend, daughter, or sister-especially one who isn’t familiar with the Christian life yet. It would be a big blessing to them!