Week 38 Update

There comes a point where you’re just OVER IT!
I have now reached that point.
Every night for the past 3 nights I’ve been up every 2 hours with either massive heartburn, an aching-throbbing back, nausea (yes at 38 weeks I’m still puking at least once a week) or because I have to pee since baby boy’s head is pressed firmly against my bladder.
And, of course, Amber has felt the need to wake up several hours earlier than normal screaming bloody murder either because on Sunday she “Had to go POTTY” (I walked in to find her naked from the waist down holding a wet pull up) then on Monday she’d ripped her nail off somehow and it was hanging on by a bloody thread. Sigh. Once I got her into the bathroom a mosquito attacked her and she absolutely freaked out when I killed it in front of her.
So if I look exhausted in the above picture-now you know why.
Pity-party rant is now over. Hey–I gotta vent somewhere right? 🙂 Hubby just told a co-worker what a trooper I was today and that I’m great about not complaining. And I do try to be because I really am so thankful to be pregnant with a beautiful healthy baby–but sometimes, you just gotta rant!
On the upside my appointment last week went great even though I had to get tested for Group B strep and all that fun jazz. I got to meet the midwife on staff and she’s a total sweetheart and is also 100% encouraging about me trying for the VBAC so I feel confident that I’m making the right choice!
My mom flies out this Sunday and I’m SO excited!!!! That’s why I’ve been posting so much lately-I’m trying to get totally caught up before my mom gets here so I can just focus on her and the baby coming after this week 🙂 My 25th birthday is next Monday and it’ll be so nice to get to spend it with her since I haven’t been with any of my family on my birthday since I got married 5 years ago. I’m still really worried she’ll miss Tyler being born but hoping and praying he’ll come early so she doesn’t have to.
I especially hope she doesn’t miss both babies being born since my sister-in-law Allegra is now 5 days past her due date and nothing is happening still. Poor thing–I remember how each day past Amber’s due date just got progressively worse and worse! Hoping something happens soon for Allegra’s sake!
My next appointment isn’t until the 14th! Hopefully I’ll be close to going into labor by that point 😀 I’m definitely ready for this little guy to get here!!!


  1. From Tracie

    I just have to say it again….you might feel like you are over this and ready to be done….but you look fabulous!

    Not too much longer to go and you will be holding that sweet baby!

  2. Kristi

    You are so darn cute!!! I know I hated it in the end too but I absolutly love pregnant woman! Pregnant looks good on you haha! I bet you are getting so excited!!

  3. Everyday Mom Ideas

    Last month is the worst but I think its natures way of helping us get mentally ready to push… “Get this thing our of me already!” maybe thats just me.

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