As I’ve mentioned before, once Amber was born my thinking about the cleaners, lotions, soaps, and virtually all the products in our house totally changed. Once we discovered she had eczema I was forced to change my thinking even more. Because of all of this I was excited to find out about EcoStore USA whose tagline is “No Nasty Chemicals” –that’s exactly what I was looking for!
I actually already had a few of their products, so when the store approached me about doing a review I was more than happy to say yes! The picture above shows all the various products I’ve gotten from them and I have nothing but good to say about all of them!
As most of you know we’ve been going through the Potty Training phase the last several weeks. I needed a cleaner that would be strong enough to clean up the many, many “Oopps” on the bathroom floor, but since we’d be spending so much time around it and walking on it barefoot I wanted it to be non-toxic as well. The All Purpose Spray Cleaner has been perfect for this! It does a great job of cleaning up and smells so good (a definite plus for in the bathroom). Since I knew we’d both be washing our hands a bunch too, I wanted to use a soap that wouldn’t dry my hands out and wouldn’t irritate Amber’s skin. The Baby Soap has worked wonderfully for this!
The other baby products I’ve gotten from them are the Baby Shampoo, Baby Body Wash, and Nappy Balm. The shampoo has worked wonderfully, even on Amber’s super long hair! It makes it super soft and detangles it great! I didn’t pay attention that the body wash was aromatherapy so can’t use it on Amber since her skin is so hyper-sensitive that even awesome natural fragrance makes her break out. I did steal it for myself however–and I love it! LoL. It smells sooooo good and it’s super gentle on my preggo skin. It doesn’t feel/smell like just a baby wash and I would recommend it for anyone! I used the nappy balm on Amber while she was still in diapers. It did a great job at clearing up mild cases of diaper rash, although I did find that I needed to use special stuff when she had really bad cases (again, because of her eczema/sensitive skin she requires special stuff and breaks out much worse than much babies).
EcoStore USA has great quality, non-pricey, green products with no nasty chemicals! I would highly recommend them and their products to anyone! Also they’re having a special BOGO for the month of July where we are doubling all orders placed!