Not So Fat Tuesday ~ Week 1

So first off I have to give Mama Elle Says credit for this brilliant idea and the name. Unfortunately due to a cross country move and a vacuum attacking her (not even kidding–go read about it!) It doesn’t look like she’ll be able to keep up the weekly linky (or like she really needs to be worrying about losing weight at this point!) So I decided to pick up the torch since I’ve been playing about  the idea of doing something like this for awhile now but wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to go about it. So here goes!
Once upon a time I was really young, pretty, and oh-so-skinny. Here’s proof:
See?! (haha) The sad thing is at that time I didn’t realize that I was skinny or pretty. I considered myself to be an “average” size and “average” in looks. Now I wish I could talk to my 18 year old self and say “Self!!! You’re so skinny and pretty! Look at that gorgeous flat stretch mark free stomach!!!!”
Once I got married I went from being insanely busy running around at college from class to class, carrying heavy books, running up and down stairs, and standing/walking all night for my job to a desk job and then sitting at home and then sitting on my butt watching tv & hanging out with my new hubby all night. My eating habits didn’t change and when I went for my yearly exam my eyes about popped out of my head and I almost started crying when the Dr. told me how much I weighed (we didn’t own a scale at that point). Since all my clothes were loose/stretchy to begin with they still all fit and I figured I’d gained a little weight but not 35 lbs!!! I quickly changed my eating habits and started working out a bit and dropped about 15 of that. The remaining 20 stubbornly stuck on and I still had it when I got pregnant with Amber. Add on the 30-35 lbs I gained while pregnant and I was way over my desired weight! Thankfully nursing worked amazing wonders for me and just through keeping a half hearted eye on my food and nursing I dropped all the baby weight plus 10 lbs to get me to a weight I could definitely live with!
Do you want to know a secret though?? I hate working out!!!
There–I said it!!! What a relief! It’s true though! I so wish I was one of those women who goes off about how they love it and blah blah blah (sorry if you are–really I’m not hating on you I’m just mad that I’m not like that) But really–I think it’s the devil! Especially running–talk about the worst thing in the world–ICKY!!! The only time in my life I’ve ever exercised and truly enjoyed it was when I went to a step aerobic class during college. I’m not self motivated so trying to get myself to do it has always been a huge struggle! Because I lost the baby weight from Amber just through nursing though, even though I was down to a good weight I still had love handles and was all sorts of squooshy because I hadn’t done anything to tone up.
Cue getting preggers part 2! Happy to start off 10 lbs lighter I again gained about 35 lbs with Tyler. One thing I’m super happy about is that of that I’ve already dropped 15 putting me only 20 lbs heavier than my pre-Tyler weight. Considering that there is still some fat hanging on from when we first got married, though, it puts me at 30 lbs heavier than my ideal weight would be.
And that’s where this comes in!!! Each week I’ll let you know how I’m doing, if my methods are working, etc. I figure being accountable to 1,000+ people should give me the motivation I need to work out and keep me from devouring an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting……(yes I did do that last week–but come on, go easy on me-I’d just had the worst 2 weeks of my life!!! I promise to be a good girl now!) Here are my goals and the game plan to reach them!
Lose 20 lbs to put me back to pre-Tyler weight by 5-23-2011
(they say it takes 9 months to put it on so expect 9 months to get it off!)
Lose 30 lbs in all to put me back to “Skinny Pretty” weight by 7-23-2011
Be able to pass Coast Guard female PT Standards by 7-23-2011
15 push ups, 32 sit ups, Run 1.5 miles in 15:26
I plan on reaching these goals by working out to DVDs 3 times a week increasing to 5 eventually. I’d love to be able to attend classes at some point but right now Tyler is too young and gyms are too expensive. I need to eat a bunch to maintain my nursing supply but I’m going to keep a Food Journal every day so that I am accountable for every piece of food that enters my mouth (no more mindless snacking!) Also going to be a dessert nazi–no more cookies or ice cream for me till I start losing a good chunk of weight and then only in moderation!
So here we go!!! I’ll check back in next week to let you know how it’s going! I promise every post won’t be this long–I’ve just been mulling over all of this for awhile now and needed to get it out! 🙂
I would *love* for you to join me! Like I said–I’m not motivated so hearing about others who are going through the same things and getting tips and finding out what’s working for them would be amazing! Please write a post and link up!!


  1. From Tracie

    You are still very very pretty!!!

    But I think you have some great goals here!

    I only run if someone is chasing me….with a weapon…and intent on attacking me. Personal trainers do not fit in this category (or my budget) so they can not induce me to run!

  2. karen

    I’ll join you in, hopefully 8 weeks!! :D. I’ll have to get a post put together. Not sure I will have much weight to loose, but I am in need of some major toning!!! Then to find a magic ointment for stretch marks, lol!! ;D

  3. Abbey - Living My MoMent

    Nicole! I’m gonna join you because I’m done with this baby/fat weight. Honestly though, I need some accountability for keeping a food journal. So if you don’t mind I’m going to email you mine everyweek and if you want to send yours mine so that we can keep each other accountable for snacks and such then I would be happy to be an outlet for you to send it over and keep it going.

    I’m totally with you about the running. I HATE IT! If I could get a gym membership that had a pool I would swim which I know is a great way for me to lose weight. So I’m off to write my post right now!

  4. Patricia

    Good Luck my friend!
    I’ve been obese almost all of my years…Recently I had a disk surgery because my weight had put too much pressure on my spinal cord and I had a pinch nerve which caused so much pain…
    Now i have promised to eat healthier and lose around 40-50 pounds.
    I have lost 15 pounds but I believe i can lose it all…I can’t do any hard exercise-walking is the only options.
    I encourage you to lose it all.. 😀
    Good Luck once again 😀

  5. **Nicole**

    Thank you Patricia! Good luck with your weight loss as well and as much as I hate to run I love to walk 🙂 It’s so much nicer!!! 😀

  6. shannon

    Hi Ladies! I couldn’t help but chime in here. I’m an independent beachbody coach and you all could go to my site and sign up as a free member. There is alot of nutrition support and my favorite thing is the WOWY gym (virtual supergym) You log your workouts (it can be walking, swimming, running, etc) and there is a timer running during your workout. At the end of the workout you get submitted for a daily cash prize. I love it as there are all kinds of people in the gym at the same time…Helps to keep me accountable to. If you are interested in the free membership and having me as your free coach you can go to

    Good luck ladies and keep up the great work.

    Also, my story is so similar…so skinny all my life until I had babies. I weighed 200 lbs the day I had my daughter 5 years ago. I am finally back to 135 lbs thanks to the support I got through beachbody. 🙂 🙂

  7. Jaime

    Have you tried Stroller Strides? You can workout with Tyler right there with you… and what’s more, you get to meet other moms who have similar goals and motivations!

    I’m here by way of Abbey’s amazing Living My MoMent blog from 9/28.

    Keep up the goal setting and goal achieving 🙂

  8. **Nicole**

    Hey Jaime!

    I actually did attend some Stroller Stride classes in NC before I got pregnant w/ Tyler. I enjoyed them but right now it’s also out of budget. Maybe someday! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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