2 Months & Ramblings

I can hardly believe it’s been 2 months already!!!! I nearly cried when I folded up Tyler’s newborn clothes to put away because he’s outgrown them. Already it’s just going by too fast. Although I will be grateful when I can get a decent night sleep again I absolutely LOVE babies and I ADORE my own and I just cannot get enough of their adorableness!!!!!!! I sit there and smooch on Tyler’s chubby cheeks for forever and babble back at him when he coos and my whole heart lights up because he grins when we make eye contact with each other. As a result I’m still behind in every possible area in life but that’s ok because this time is precious and so very fleeting!!!! Being a mother is truly the most absolutely amazing, wonderful thing in the whole world and I thank God continually for how lucky I am to be blessed with my two beautiful children!!!

And I’m very happy to say that those two beautiful children seem to finally be on the mend! Amber’s all better now although she’s been having a rough time with Daddy gone and keeps waking up a couple times a night sobbing either because of nightmares or to ask where he is 🙁 so that’s been really hard. Tyler’s still not 100% better and I’m hoping he gets that way soon because in the meantime I keep worrying he’ll regress and I’ll have to take him back in. As I mentioned before I’m still SO behind, have 100 emails in my inbox now that need responded to, several reviews that need to be done, more work to do, house things, planning for my parents upcoming visit…on and on!!!! No rest for the Mommy!!!!

That being said I should probably run and go do some of it!!! Here are my various ramblings across the web lately for you to enjoy while I work! 🙂

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  1. G-Zell

    Aww so cute!

  2. Petula

    He’s so truly adorable. I hope they’re way better soon. My oldest daughter’s name is Amber, she’s 19. … This is a beautiful post.

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