So I guess hitting 500 followers on your blog signifies that you’ve made it in the Big Leagues…well, ok, minor leagues at least. As soon as I hit it suddenly my email was flooded with pitches, requests to post information, requests to guest blog, requests to have my site listed in exchange for a link….annnnnd my first very snarky comment.

I guess I’m actually lucky that up until this point I’ve dodged the hateful comments bullet. I mean-with stuff like my Created To Be His Help Meet Study I kinda expected for the hate mail to come rolling in. I mean, if Rainbow Pancakes can cause hatred and discontent what can’t??? Everything else I’ve posted has been pretty target free for nasty comments though–or so I thought! A few days ago I posted about a Liberty Mutual event because it sounded informative and my PR rep that sends me lots of good stuff specifically asked if I could post it a couple of times (result of me being sooo behind still) so I did.

Well this morning (after pretty much NO sleep last night at all) I wake up to find this little lovely gem in my inbox:

“Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Liberty Mutual “National Conversation Drive” In Ch…”:

I don’t want to see your fat kid in a car seat, as if it is cute, and you want to take away my driving rights. I am currently teaching my 16 year old grandaughter to drive, who will not listen to my instruction, because she already know everything, while making right turns at 35mph, and telling me im to old. I am 62. The problem is not with the older generation, its is the younger ones who seem to know-it-all, and are so disrespectful.”

I mean SERIOUSLY???????? Let’s look at this for just a second!

Anonymous has left–ok this is always a bad sign to start off with because it’s so easy for someone to just leave nasty snarky remarks “anonymously” What, like they don’t have to own up to the fact they were just nasty and hateful??!! By all means feel free to tell me what’s on your mind but at least give me a name and an email so that I can issue a rebuttal or apologize if I was truly in the wrong!!! If not–well then, my dear, you are getting an entire blog post ranted about you!!! *Ahem*

Just look at that first sentence–does it not make your blood BOIL????!!! Talk about a way to get a momma seething with rage! I honestly had to stop, go back, and re-read it a couple times before it sunk in that, yes, she really did just say that!!! Are you kidding me???? First of all my kids are the most gorgeous creatures in the whole world so don’t you DARE ever say other wise and secondly it’s pretty obvious that she didn’t read anything else on my entire blog or she would have seen that “the fat kid in the car seat” was just hospitalized and traumatized and that this kind of crap is really the last thing I need to be dealing with right now!!!!!!

I honestly would have tracked the woman down (somehow…I do know at least 2 guys who could probably figure out exactly who she is because they’re super techy spies, no serious the one really is) and ripped her a new one but the rest of the comment made everything come into perspective.
What is a 62 year old doing teaching a snotty little teenager how to drive? Obviously it’s a case where Grandma got stuck raising the kids because mom and dad didn’t want to or couldn’t. Why is a 16 year old who’s learning not getting in HUGE trouble for talking back like that??!! I wouldn’t have seen the light of day if I had dared to ever talk to my parents that way, even at 16!!! Because, you see, I was taught respect for the people around me in authority and who were older than me.
Obviously what’s the problem is that you have a stressed out old woman with a rebellious horrible kid who gets online and then thinks that I’m part of the “younger generation”–which, by the way, thank you but I AM a little older than 16 even if I might not look it–and now she’s getting her keys, which to most seniors represent their last bit of freedom, taken away.
Really it’s just sad. Because that’s not what I meant at all and that’s not what the post was about. I am deeply respectful towards the older people in my life. I realize that for many of them driving is what helps them keep on going as they get older and makes them feel independent. My Grandpa Joe was driving till he was nearly 90 and did just fine. There are, however, some who just can’t do it safely anymore. And those are the people who need to swallow their pride and accept help. I hope and pray that some day in the far future I will accept help and be able to age gracefully, not becoming a bitter, nasty old woman who goes around stomping on young mother’s feelings just because they were trying to be helpful.


  1. Heather

    Wow….just wow. What’s an old lady doing reading blogs anyway? I’m a firm believer in thinking they government should require anyone 70 and older to take yearly driving tests…and if she’s 62, she’s not THAT old so she needs to calm down. Dang, my mom is only 4 years away from being 60. Sorry chica…she’s just jealous that your kids will be respectful.

  2. From Tracie

    I think that the event you wrote about was interesting because not only did it cover seniors driving, but some of the things offered were to show some of the limitations that seniors experience in everyday life. I think that this would cause adult children to have greater understanding with their parents about many conversations (hearing aids, glasses, driving, etc)

    That comment really was hateful. Your children are beautiful, and your post was not disrespectful at all.

  3. AF_wife

    Wow Nicole! Everyone loves seeing pictures of your babies and hearing about them! You keep on doin you girl!
    I’m sorry that you have to deal with that crap!
    And your husband being gone allows her to say things like that, DARN IT! lol Sometimes that backfires but him being gone also means that you get to set her straight! 🙂
    Best Wishes!

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