During the first few months of life babies aren’t very easily portable! When you’re out and about you can carry them but if you have adorable chunky monkey babies like me then your arms get tired fast and you need somewhere to put them down! Carrying around a heavy car seat is good exercise but it definitely gets old fast and can be bad for your back (I tend to lean to the side quite a bit while trying to haul Tyler around). There’s always strollers but if you’re just running somewhere quickly they’re kind of a pain.

That’s what the líllébaby Eurotote was designed for! It’s perfect for things like when I have to run to check the mail (which for me involves going down 3 flights of stairs, over 2 buildings, then back up 3 flights of stairs) I need 2 hands to unlock my box, carry the mail, help Amber, etc. I think that little errands like this are what I will end up using the Eurotote the most for! It’s super soft on the outside and cozy on the inside. It will also be perfect for keeping Tyler nice and toasty when we’re out and about during this cold New England winter and though I haven’t tried it as a stroller bag I think I would work really well. It comes with another mesh top for summer as well which is cool. Another function is to use it as a play blanket (it would be a super soft comfy one!) and in a pinch you can even use it as travel bedding.
All in all I am quite pleased with the product. The only things I’m not crazy about are the fact that I can’t use it in my car seat because it doesn’t fit and you would be limited in where you could set it down since the soft fabric seems like it could get dirty easily.
 As you can see from the picture Tyler thought it was quite comfy and loved it so it is “baby approved” as well.

 This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.