“I’m an independent girl. No moon is in my life. He’d only follow me around..beg me to be his wife.” ~ Venus
The entire Planetary Personalities book is filled with adorable, funny, and clever phrases like the one above about the all planets . I love how it takes all the different facts about the different planets (including Pluto with a jab at the scientist who decided it wasn’t a planet–which I love) and presents them in fun and easy ways a child can understand. Although it is above Amber’s level right now (it would be perfect for elementary students!) She loves looking at the darling illustrations and I shorten the book by reading just a few of the rhymes so that she can listen and enjoy it even now. I will definitely will be using this to teach both Amber and Tyler about our solar system in the coming years!
This would be the perfect Christmas present! Fun and funny so that kids will love it while being sneakily educational all at the same time!
You can find out more about Planetary Personalities and order it on the Shoddy Shirt Books Website!