We’re big Cheerios fans at our house! The classic Honey Nut Cheerios was Amber’s first “finger food” and hubby and Amber both eat Multi-Grain Cheerios all the time. So when I heard about the new Cinnamon Burst Cheerios I knew that it would be right up our alley of foods to love! Sure enough it’s a big hit with hubby stealing several bowl fulls before Amber even had a chance to tell me “It’s nummy Mommy is it!” (isn’t it)

You can see what else she thought about it by seeing the video above (how cute is she?!) Here’s the “original” song lyrics that we came up with–she ad libbed a little but I think I like her version even better 😀

I love Cheerios Cinnamon *crunch*
It is so fun to munch!
Cheerios, Cinnamon Burst–
It’s the best!
It’s not the worst!

She’s asked for this for breakfast every day since we received it so it’ll definitely be going on the shopping list as a regular buy now!

Disclosure: I was given both the box of Cinnamon Burst Cheerios, information on it, and a Flip video camera in order to do the video and show our opinions. Although this was super duper awesome of Cheerios through My Blog Spark to do, we have always loved Cheerios and the thoughts and opinions are my own (and Amber’s!)