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I love picking winners! It makes me feel like Santa–distributing presents to the lucky girls and boys! Haha. I’ve been getting all sorts of goodies lately–I’m getting to know my UPS man quite well! The other day I opened the door and he was holding 3 big boxes and I went “Oh! Lots of goodies today!!!” He said, “Yeah I guess you were making up for not having anything yesterday” Hahaha!!! You know you’re a review/giveaway blogger when…. ๐Ÿ˜‰
I figured since I’ve been asking all kinds of questions for entries lately I should answer them for you as well ๐Ÿ™‚ So here’s my answers!
Favorite Christmas Tradition: My favorite traditions growing up were our whole Christmas routine that was the same every single year–you can read about that here on What Christmas Means to Me. With hubbies new job that makes taking time off difficult at best, it looks like the next few holidays will be spent “just us” as a family of four. Although part of my heart breaks to not get to see my family back home (Wyoming will always be “home” for me) I am also really, really excited about establishing new, fun traditions for my kids. I’ve decided to do the ever popular new jammies on Christmas Eve and one special ornament a year. I didn’t have either of those growing up but have heard of other people doing them and think they both sound fabulous!
Cooking Disaster: When we first got married I made a chicken tortilla wrap recipe. It called for hot sauce and all I could find was Texas Pete. I’d never used it before so I had no idea just how hot it was (especially because the recipe called for the chicken to marinate in it)! I took one bite and couldn’t eat anymore and hubby decided it was fun to see how much he could muscle down so he sat there eating it with his eyes watering and then got a stomach ache later–Hahahaha!!! Needless to say I never made that recipe again!!!
Favorite Personalized Item: Such a hard call! I love my hand stamped necklace with Amber & Tyler’s names on it and also the new bracelet that I got for this review–they’re all great!
Now on to the winners!
Cards Direct:
I Hate to Cook Book:

ย The Anniversary Rose Gift Certificate
The winners have all been emailed! Congrats to them and good luck to everyone else!


  1. Heather

    LOL! I never heard your tortilla wrap story and I LOVE it hahahahaha, gave me a good laugh because I can so see Bob doing this. (Last night Derek took the hot salsa away from me at Los Cabos because he said it was too spicy to eat so much. My eyes and nose were running and I couldn’t stop eating it).

  2. Vivian

    newest follow on GFC. Check us out when you have a min

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