Bringing Up Bobby
Bringing Up Bobby was an interesting mix of cheesy humour, serious topics, and go against the grain characters. What I enjoyed most about the movie was the serious undertones of foster care, family problems, relationships, and finding Christ. I also loved that the plan of salvation was presented and accepted in a way that was very “real life” like. It wasn’t flowered up and just presented plainly. I also liked that the characters didn’t change automatically either–while there is that whole “new creation” wonder that comes with salvation we’re all still us, and still very human! All in all my husband and I both enjoy the movie, even the cheesy parts, and I’d say it’s worth watching! If you’re looking for a family friendly comedy with serious undertones about real life issues I’d recommend it to you!

You can see the trailer on the Bringing Up Boby Website Here and find the Facebook Page Here