Passing this along from an email that was sent to me 🙂 Thanks to my horribly honest hubby I’ve been told I can’t sing worth a hoot (at least he’s nicer than the people on American Idol’s family who just let them go embarass themselves) but anywho–if *you* can sing worth a hoot give this a shot! 🙂

If you asked ANY mother what her top 5 complaints would be, you would most likely hear something similar to this:

1) I miss alone time!
2) I need a vacation!
3) I don’t feel “pretty” anymore.
4) We never get out of the house.

5) Does anyone even hear me?

If you are woman over 18 with an amazing singing voice, thanks to Avon Voices, your woes can be over.
Avon Voices is Avon’s first-ever global online singing talent search for women and songwriting competition for men and women. A panel of celebrity judges, including Fergie, Natasha Bedingfield, Sheila E., Diane Warren and more are on hand, providing singing tips and helping select our finalists.
And if you are picked as a finalist, you’ll get the chance to TRAVEL (takes care of the vacation) to Hong Kong, Rio de Janiero, Paris, Hollywood, New York or Nashville, plus PHOTO AND VIDEO SHOOTS, a PROFESSIONAL MAKEOVER and coaching (will get you feeling pretty again). The best part is, the winners may get the opportunity record a professionally produced album (the whole world will now hear you).

It takes 30 seconds. Record a video of you singing 30 seconds of a hit song from the approved list that you can do right from your home. It’s a year-long competition but you only have until February 13, 2011 to submit a 30-second video clip at
Videos of celebrity judges and other information about Avon Voices can be found on our YouTube channel at

This program benefits the Avon Foundation for Women’s global campaign to end violence against women and girls.